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  1. it's called a typo buddy.
  2. there's always purevolume.com and myspace.com heh
  3. My home town just put up a wallgreens.. next time im up visiting I'll check it out.
  4. I get a tone of email with 'hacker keywords' and it seems to be fine.
  5. Or "Gambiit" he was a kid I knew that had a handy dandy "hacker belt" and on that belt he some how managed to attach a sledge hammer. I wonder what happened to that kid. Chances are he fell over from the weight and never got up. :skull:
  6. I'm gonna have to check it out.
  7. a giant sledge hammer. you just never know when you're gonna need a giant sledge hammer. :skull:
  8. I was actually going to ask if that was Stank I saw on Animal planet. Sounded like him.. but was confused on why he was on there. Guess it was. Stanks a TV star. :skull:
  9. cool site.
  10. that sounded like a bad infomercial. hehe "Do you wanna loose weight!? Sure we all do!"
  11. On my TNI at my house I wrote on it with a sharpy "Don't Phreak Me - kleptic" I've actually had a phreak kid come to my door to talk to me because he saw it right before he was about to beige my line. haha
  12. I actually have one of those teletools. I hook it up to my digital recording studio so I can get a great quality recording with it. Works great.
  13. haha i havent seen one of those in ages. my dad used to have one of those way back in the day.
  14. already have one.
  15. Let me see.. I've been messing with computers since I got my first one back in 1988. I believe I became interested in the phone system around 91-92.
  16. i got it on my site.
  17. yeah, what comic? I don't think I even knew ic0n when I was drawing those comics. I think you meant tr0n. hehe.
  18. say what? when did I start hating ic0n? what would my comics have anything to do with him? hehe. ic0n is cool in my book.
  19. thanks for adding the buttons. but you didnt make them links. heh
  20. cool site.
  21. Hey guys. I have this new website that I'm working on. I have the site pretty much completed. Most of you might remember my old site that consisted of funny chat logs, writings/texts, prank phone calls, funny drawings, and other geeky stuff, back issues of outbreak magazine. all stuff done by me. The new site is basically the same thing.. just looking better. well right now I'm looking for a place to upload the site. I have to many bills to get a domain so I was wondering if there was anyone on here that reads this that could maybe hook me up with some space on their server/domain. Maybe a subdomain or something. The only thing I really need is maybe ftp access. Or at the least a web panel to upload. If anyone can help me out I would be very very greatful. feel free to either reply to this or e-mail me at kleptic@grex.org or send me a message on AIM. my aim sn is kl3ptic hope to hear from some one soon. Thanks
  22. if anyone else wants to trade links just let me know.
  23. i saw that. thanks.
  24. hey captain b.. good to hear from you. hope you get back online soon.