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  1. what players support this?, i still cant play it. edit: better yet post them in something that i can play in real player or windows media player please.
  2. Interesting topic. I'm not having any luck listening to the files though. Neither Windows Visa nor Ubuntu Linux give me any options besides saving them. I searched for "cdxa" and it seems to be some sort of video format, not audio? AsteriskPhreak i did not want to seem like a complete noob by not being able to open that format either, i googled around and it appeared to be a xvid codec or something like that, so when it did not open in WMP i tried with VLC and my DiVX player, and got nothing... The same go's for me aswell.
  3. sure, post away.
  4. if only you had the time and the money. price US $325,000.00
  5. hey all. i've been a member here for a while now but kind of new still to back when i first started posting here my forum name was my phone number at the time but its not anymore (moved house). i know you guys are skeptical about giving out your conf numbers and such but i was wondering if you guys are having a conf anytime soon. im intrested in older phones and such (anything about the old network really) thanks for any numbers you guys can provide by PM or here on the forum.
  6. there is some older radio stuff up there at 907-295. there is lots of weird stuff in alaska so keep dialing
  7. no frikin way 2 long dist tapes of busys-intersepts-calls on mothers day each tape over 1 hour long to
  8. all of the tapes should be on the phone trips web site in the next 3 months (i hope)
  9. o and the wellfleet ma step by step part 1 and 2 with evan telling you how to map out selectors and all this is not on the phone trips website
  10. i found two new small tapes on the group bell download page called mf boogie small i no but still cool EDIT after looking some more even more new tapes floral park XB1 brief visit to fulsing XB1 west 73rd st panel intra-office call 1/2 jane barbie time recordings jane barbie examples GAjekyl3EviaXBpbx west 73 st panel 1977 dialing 271 through 298-9902
  11. it looks like this dosn't it pic #1 i got mine to ring by connectng a black wire to the G and L1 skrews kind of blurry pic but the black wire i put on gos to the brite green and yellow wires and the number on the number card is my user name
  12. i emailed him about a dial tone tape about a month ago i hope it gets made
  13. edit
  14. Sorry to go sorta off-topic but did you just use one of the 42 billion schematics that simply give you an audio output? I've wanted to try one but worried that when the phone rings, [insert name of the device that is recording the line] will get fried. you mean something like this look at the attachment and no it dos not get fried and you can lisen to the convo silently with out the big click of picking up a phone so by hooking headfones in to the phone jack on the recorder
  15. I bet you all would like to lisen to the recording so i will post it here when i get back.