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  1. living in australia my mate had bigpond, with cable access over here, everything comes throught the same cable tv and internet. Even tho he had his contract cancelled, they don't cancel / close the connection (ie the cable is still live). He has a tv card, plugs it in and with some software, i forget what its called can recieve all the channels, everything except the porno channel. :)
  2. F$ck drilling, moving or anything. Just get 2 Power over Ethernet Adaptors Problem Solved...
  3. 18% But i have a good excuse, im at my gf's place too much getting laid.
  4. I live in australia and my service provider "BigPond" are the only ISP in australia that count the uploads aspart as the downloads, which really sucks. I am an avid fan of downloading torrents, which encompass everything from music, movies, applications, games, and NORP. (Pron spelt backwards) I only have a 10gb limit, its cable too so its very fast, but i always seem to go over my download limit. Any idea's on how to maybe limit the service without me sacraficing my time on the computer. I use Azereus with speed scheduler which stops any of my downloads once they are completed, i also try and limit the amount of upload to anyone while im downloading to anyone else to like 2-3kbps. I've been thinking about using proxy software, but i cant find any decent software. Anyone have any suggestions ??
  5. Cain and Abel Bit of a newb to the whole hacking scene but from what i understand the program does, quite ingenious... Found this website also if anyone is interested in WarDriving... Most of the programs are for Windows, linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, some windows CE and Pocket PC
  6. If anyone is at all interested in how to setup azerues (however u spell it) to use the TOR or Onion network. I have included a link below which might be able to help people.
  7. If you have the latest version of Azureus and you want complete anonimity, use i think its called the TOR network. It's completely random and totally anonymous. Its a bit slower then using the standard peer to peer networks, but if you want to remain anonymous then use that with a plugin called "safe peer". This stops bad trackers from connecting your machine and creates a log of all of them....