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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Just stumbled upon this: From the site: Seems interesting. Anybody going to try it?
  3. I've also ordered from They're prices are decent and they've got a wide variety. My order went very smoothly and shipping was fast.
  4. Sell it on eBay
  5. I've seen that clip before and I was pretty amazed by it. A friend also told me that you could take a "clean plastic bag of water" and just place that on the scanner. Apparently, the finger grease left behind by the person before you is just re-read by the scanner. The water in the bag acts as a reflector, I believe.
  6. The point is I don't want to pay for something. I know you can send a text to GOOGL and get the score in reply, but that's not really what I'm going for.
  7. Hello all. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I put it here. Basically, I want to set something up so that I'll get text message alerts/updates of the score of my favorite sports team in real time. For example, I want to set it up so that it will monitor the score and watch for any changes. When something changes, I want to get a text message on my phone. I'm having trouble trying to figure out where to get started. Any ideas?
  8. found this cool number the other day: 909-382-0101 its the number for the fixed base operator (on duty 24/7) at san bernadino international airport.
  9. Wow thats pretty friggin' annoying.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys.
  11. I thought that would be harder...
  12. Hey everybody, this is my second post here on BinRev. I'm a total nub to hacking , but I'd really like to get started. I know HTML, a little PERL, C/C++, and Java. I don't really have any idea where to get started... could you veterans out there give me some suggestions?
  13. Hello, all. What can I say? I'm a stupid nub.