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  1. I was wondering if it were possible through the apache config files to make it so on a certain date no matter which file you try to access on the server, you will be redirected to one html file. Can it be done?
  2. Hmmm, I like this idea...
  3. Correct.
  4. damn, i dont have access to cron jobs... looks like im manually changing it at midnight...
  5. IE didn't crash for me either, but I was watching it's memory usage and it went from 17,631 kb to 146,847 kb in a matter of seconds. How did you make that png?
  6. Possible, but most ISPs virus scanners would replace the attachment with something along the lines of "virus_quarantined_info.txt"
  7. Was the file attached to that email?
  8. I get spoofed messages from servers all the time saying I sent a virus to a user and that the email was rejected.
  9. XP

    OK so I tried installing Win 2000 on a partition along side with XP. The problem is, after I installed 2000 and I tried booting into XP, I got an error saying /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/SYSTEMd/(or something like that) could not be found. So I was like "ok, I'll just reinstall windows xp and fix it." The only problem is, if I do that, I'll lose everything in the My Documents folder. I tried getting into the user folder under documents and settings but got an access denied error. I tried using cacls on it but still no luck. I even tried creating a BackupOperator user in 2000 then using cacls and it still wouldn't let me in. Then I tried making the same username in 2000 and tried to get in but I guess since its to different SAMs it won't work. Does anyone have any alternative methods for retrieving the files, or I am screwed?
  10. XP

    excellent idea, thank you.
  11. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots - JiWire
  12. My host's servers were flooded with over 60,000 e-mails in the first 5 minutes of an apparent attack by some assholes. Then they started to ping the servers to death so they decided to shut everything down until the attack stopped... Lasted for just over 24 hours... :pissed: Not to mention I get 50-60 infected emails a day.
  13. VSAT interceptor... Do you realize how many credit card numbers and checking account numbers you could get with one of those bad boys?
  14. massachusetts
  15. Some info here on the process.
  16. Its a pain in the ass, but far from useless. My school has averted disaster after disaster caused by virii using DeepFreeze. Although, running software out of thawspace defeats the purpose of the program, so thats why my shop teacher gave us all the password so if we wanted to install something, we'd thaw it for one boot, install what needed to be installed, and restart to freeze it back up.
  17. DOS has been capable of supporting internet functions for a long time. Heck, the first versions of AOL and many old/dead ISP software programs were DOS-based. So there must be some very ancient ftp server software out there for DOS.
  18. I forgot his name but theres a blind dude that can whistle perfect tones.
  19. If thats the case then I would recommend making the form send POST data and change the variables to $_POST['variable'].
  20. The soundboards at Ebaum's World are great too.
  21. Are you sure it's not being executed from another part of the code?
  22. K++

    That's what I use now. I believe Fasttrack is trying to block K++ users because whenever I used it I wouldn't find shit, but with Kazaa/Diet K I find exactly what I'm looking for, a lot faster.
  23. A few days ago while I was at school my hard drive starting acting very funny. So when I got home and saw the problem, I tried rebooting but got an error that said none of teh hard drives could be found. I was like dammit, mustve been thermal expansion or something. So I open the box up, snug the cables back in, and try booting again. This time I got a disk read error. Now I was really screwed because I let my friend borrow my windows CD and he still had it, so I called him up, told him I needed it by the next day, and he brought it into school for me. I get the CD and get into the recovery console with it, i run fixboot and chkdsk to try and solve teh problem. Fixboot worked fine, but chkdsk was running much slower than it was supposed to so I was sitting there for 2 hours and it finally creeped up to 1%. I was like fuck this and I went to bed. I wake up in the morning, and there was a message saying "some unrecoverable problems couldn't be fixed." I figured I had just lost a few files so no big deal, I restart and attempt to boot into Windows and I get this: Grr, now I got to get a new hard drive with all this imaginary money I have lying around.
  24. Got a new 120 gb drive The drive causes the system to come almost to a halt even at the BIOS stage (which makes me think there might have been physical damage doen to the drive) so any sort of recovery effort would be a total pain in the ass. Also, no matter what I do with the drive I still get disk read errors from the BIOS, windows and linux.
  25. After about 5 months of free service, Verizon has caught up to my exploit and shut my phone off. I don't know if this problem has been fixed, but as soon as I scrape up enough money for another phone, I'm going to try again. I did the math out based on the amount records kept on the phone after I found out about this exploit, and I made about $645.45 in free calls.