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  1. Hmmm, I like this idea...
  2. Correct.
  3. damn, i dont have access to cron jobs... looks like im manually changing it at midnight...
  4. I was wondering if it were possible through the apache config files to make it so on a certain date no matter which file you try to access on the server, you will be redirected to one html file. Can it be done?
  5. IE didn't crash for me either, but I was watching it's memory usage and it went from 17,631 kb to 146,847 kb in a matter of seconds. How did you make that png?
  6. Possible, but most ISPs virus scanners would replace the attachment with something along the lines of "virus_quarantined_info.txt"
  7. Was the file attached to that email?
  8. I get spoofed messages from servers all the time saying I sent a virus to a user and that the email was rejected.
  9. XP

    excellent idea, thank you.
  10. XP

    OK so I tried installing Win 2000 on a partition along side with XP. The problem is, after I installed 2000 and I tried booting into XP, I got an error saying /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/SYSTEMd/(or something like that) could not be found. So I was like "ok, I'll just reinstall windows xp and fix it." The only problem is, if I do that, I'll lose everything in the My Documents folder. I tried getting into the user folder under documents and settings but got an access denied error. I tried using cacls on it but still no luck. I even tried creating a BackupOperator user in 2000 then using cacls and it still wouldn't let me in. Then I tried making the same username in 2000 and tried to get in but I guess since its to different SAMs it won't work. Does anyone have any alternative methods for retrieving the files, or I am screwed?
  11. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots - JiWire
  12. My host's servers were flooded with over 60,000 e-mails in the first 5 minutes of an apparent attack by some assholes. Then they started to ping the servers to death so they decided to shut everything down until the attack stopped... Lasted for just over 24 hours... :pissed: Not to mention I get 50-60 infected emails a day.
  13. VSAT interceptor... Do you realize how many credit card numbers and checking account numbers you could get with one of those bad boys?
  14. massachusetts
  15. Some info here on the process.