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  1. aww do you sound like a girl lol just kidding i dont know i just had to say that
  2. I think you did :umph: no if i did reply to that then i would have said stuff about it not just "i'm not even going to bother replying to that"
  3. lol ok thanks i'll try it out
  4. Rotten pics? Who cares? Every birth is the same and depending on the operation, they all look the same. If you want pics, google some up. You need to learn about proper punctuation, your replies are so hard to read. dude i didnt start up the rotten thing i said pretty much the same thing you did so shuh boy and i dont care if you can read my post or not does it look like i give a shit about what you can and cant read?
  5. lmfao nice site
  6. no there not lol i showed you a pic of them and even quoted from one of the sites and you still say im wronge when it sayd right in the quote? then yuo got issues lol
  7. yea dude everyone has an opinion and thats mine you got a problem with it good for you
  8. lmfao thats not for a laptop theres anaother one and
  9. F34TH3R just stfu and stay outta this i know what it is and i wasnt reading the info but i'll find you one just to prove you wrong because your really annoying now and i have like 2 friends within like the past 30 mins say you are a dumbass for thinking there is no wireless card with out antennas --spelling edited by droops--
  10. thanks for the help i'll try it out tomorrow well later today after i wake up lol
  11. i know Microsoft doesnt make computers. i meant operating system and no i have not been on that os. i would rather not if its by apple lol --spelling edited by droops--
  12. ok here is a wireless antennaless card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16858999070 fastest thing i could find because my browser is being annoying with this "cannot find server" i have listened to the other people. they were no help though --spelling edited by droops--
  13. oh i read YOUR definition of hacking and well there is a little problem with that. i havent yet found an actual dictionary site or dictionary that says that and sorry but im going to believe a dictionary over a dude and im here for help and stuff but when someones gonna try to prove me wrong when i saw it with my own 2 eyes i wont just drop it i was asking a simple question and i was asking for a simpler way to find out but you wanna be a smart ass ok then im going to a smart ass back. --spelling edited by droops--
  14. i have an alienware case for mine and i aint gonna put time into opening the fucker up just to see if i have a wireless card when i can find out other ways and dude learn what "hacking" means. hacking is a sur name nothing computer related please look i up. better yet i'll save you some time check i out some time http://www.onelook.com/?w=hacking&ls=a have a nice day --spelling edited by droops--