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  1. id say that strom and droops are assholes..

  2. For some reason, droops thinks that you are me.

  3. You are right, binrev IRC sucks ass, Stromboli and Blackratshit suck are both assholes. You were also right to call them out

  4. Oh, ok. When I read it (while it is well written!) I was thinking that the information wasn't really fresh.
  5. Ah yes! I do appreciate the information, it is all very good, but perhaps I should be more clear in my question! I was interested more in how the phone authenticates information from the reader to wherever it authenticates to (the Nortel manual says that it does so with the RBOC, but doesn't really go into great depth). Thanks, L
  6. Why do you sportban on IRC?

  7. I'm pretty sure it has to be ported to the MetaSploit framework.
  8. Awesome! I've seen the first link before but not the other ones. That third one will really come in handy if I have to gut the Nortel circuitry and implement my own solution.....
  9. I am not familiar with satillite cards, only a little bit familiar with cards in general: here are two general categories of smartcards: Memory cards contain only non-volatile memory storage components, and perhaps some specific security logic. (the kinkos cards are like this) When your device wants to read data from a secured area from one of these cards, it presents a code, which unlocks it for reading (This is not encryption, but just a simple authorization scheme). Microprocessor cards contain volatile memory and microprocessor components. From wikipedia: Also, you can try picking up a Kinko's smart card. IIRC, they changed the type of card after the famous Strom attack, but they still use stored value "secure memory" cards. I don't know if you can clear these out or not without having the security code. HOWEVER, even if you can't it was only like the first thirty something bytes of 256 bytes of total flash memory, so you still have some room in there you can use for your own puposes. You can usually pick up discarded cards in the trash bins at kinkos. Pick up some and you can store a username/password combo or encryption keys on them. Who would ever think to look for your info on an innocent kinkos card in your wallet?
  10. As far as "buck naked" smart cards: SmartCard World Has the "secure memory" style cards. They don't have the ones with a full cpu on them, that can run small java aps, but if you look around, I'm sure you can find some. There are some development tools for this, I haven't used any of them (but would like to when that new millenium phone comes ). So far, I have found: Which has info regarding smart card development in linux. Check and see if your hardware is supported. I haven't looked for windows based smart card development tools. Sorry.
  11. Cryptography challenge anyone? Wasn't that the full name of the andelite in that children's book series the animorphs? Yes it is, used to love those books. Apparently he did it due to problems with his girlfriend and if anyones interested here's his facebook: Gunman's name is Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old English major from South Korea. His name translates into "Beta Male" from what I gathered. He moved to the US under student visa in 1992 and was granted a green card a few years ago. Dutch news sources say US Police found a note or something which stated: 'Young rich kids, this is because of you blabla, in short, he blamed rich kids for this tragedy...but nothings sure yet i think..' video: Some stuff he wrote: Got all of that from random digging so not sure on it's legitimacy, but some guy on another forum I go on was in the same house as him, but they never really saw him much. That facebook is NOT the gunmans!!!! That guy isn't even korean! Get a clue.
  12. What I believe to be a likely scenario in this shooting: Cho was involved, but a tool/fall guy. Cho was dissatisified with life in US, depressed he was not fitting in to American Society, etc (this fits with picture media gives us of Cho). While becomming incresingly dissatisfied with American/western life, he was seduced by a radical communist korean or other asian. Seduction to participate in this spree could have been fomented by befriending Cho, and getting him "help" by getting him on SSRIs. For those that don't know, SSRI's have the nasty side effect of making the user homicidal/suicidal when quit abruptly. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were on these meds, and these side effects have been strongly suspected in playing a role in that shooting. Likewise, there have been big controversy over these site effects with lawsuits, and features on Dateline. The rambings he wrote that we know of so far seem consistent with marxist style rants ("rich kids", "decietful charlatans", etc). Note that VERY little of this note was released, but the media IS reporting that it is NOT a "suicicde note". They MSM would NOT want it to be known that he was a closet budding marxist radical! So, both Cho and the unsub go on spree, and meet up at a point in building for their exit. The unsub has other plans for HIS stealthy exit, and shoots Cho in head, creating an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. The unsub throws his weapon down. Unsub makes stealthy exit in the ensuing chaos. Unsub may be completely unknown, or may be asian male seen restrained on lawn(tests for powder burns would not show up if he wore gloves he removed). Probably completely unknown. Police control at the scene was apparently very amateurish. Lots of potential for unsub to flee. Michael Savage is also curios about the idenity of this man and his possible role: x If the shooters are coordinated to methodically test the police response and do the gambit shooting at 7:15 to distract police, then a fall guy escape scenario like this is not out of the question.
  13. I have an AT&T 300 minute card (I was drunk) and it lets you to return to the outdial menu any time during the call by pressing *