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  1. Sorry for asking stupid question, what is SE-ing ?
  2. Hi, Just bought Orange SPV C550 mobile recently and wonder if there is Remote Admin software such as VNC for mobile to enable me to remotely access to my PC ? Thanks Gareth
  3. Hi, just wondering is down ? I just miss reading useful info on crimemachine website, just wondering if it will ever back up and running again? Cheers
  4. I have watch a video of 'Start a session and get interactive commandline access to a remote window box' on Irongeek website and have tried it out on my network. When I open up regedit then click 'connect network registry' and enter computer name on my network but error came up 'cannot open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: error while opening key when I click one of HKEY hive. Where did I go wrong or should I change Administrator permission ? Your help is much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Let me explain and hope you understand me better, how do you capture video remotely via webcam from someone's PC ? Is there a command line to access someone's PC and capture video secretly via webcam ? Cheers
  6. Thanks for your reply, please could you direct me to what software to capture video from webcam ? Cheers
  7. I noticed Irongeek reading Cyber Spying book and wonder if anyone recommend me if it is worth reading that book ? And also what do you think of Counter Hack Reloaded as some one said it is very good ? Cheers
  8. I have been google search for a joiner utility program that combines backdoor program and a normal program, couldnt find any on the internet. Does anyone know or guide me in the right direction ? Thanks
  9. I have been wondering how to activate someone's webcam silently using command line. I know there is MSN, INstant Messenger that will show live video on both ends but how to activate on one end. I have tried on my networkbut couldnt work it out !! Not sure if webcam have their own IP address ? My webcam is Logitech Pro 5000. Would netcat do the job ?
  10. How do you send message if you open telnet with IP address?
  11. Ok but I am no expert on coding or c programming. is there a programme that I can download from the net and install ? Cheers
  12. Aim, msn, yahoo, etc send messages to ips that the person is using. Or do you mean a commandline program? Either command line or graphical interface and want to send a message to say IP address of
  13. Well, you can net send to an IP not on your current LAN, but with SP2 the messenger service is off by default. What I am trying to say how to send a message say from England to Austrlalia using IP address rather than using email address or MSN ? I am sure there is a software somewhere that can send message via IP address ?
  14. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to send a message through IP address ? I know you can use net send command but that only works on LAN in DOS command, what about WAN ? Is there any graphical application that can send message through IP address ? Thank You Sparrow