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  1. I'll be there!
  2. I will be there...
  3. Please elaborate Im a total brandnubian.....
  4. Thank you. I didnt know about the Synaptic option but It did help me get closer to my goal. There is alot of stuff from the phlak cd. It's unbelievable how much stuff is available for free. Thanks again!
  5. I just installed Ubuntu 5.10 on my laptop. I would like to use tools from PHLAK 3.0 to pen test my home network for vulnerabilities. I Just got into linux. So my question is this...can I save the files on the PHLAK cd onto my Ubuntu desktop and run the programs/apps straight from the desktop saved file? If yes would it require me to right code? Cause I dont have a clue about writing code... :/