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  1. Yes, I have been involved in one or two. Aeon 8 and then there is another but im not sure what it was called, something about a serial killer type site with all these serial killers coming and posting on this board.
  2. Post a link to where these images are stored. I would like to take a look. Or post the link to where they are in use. thnkz!
  3. VB6 is a powerful language. It is nice for nubs and is easy to learn. Its a good starting place in my opinion!
  4. Ches It Willzzzzzz
  5. Well Its called an extra hardrive or you spend a little bit of cash and buy a 700mb cd and throw a copy of windows xp on it just in case the "Shit Hits The Fan"!
  6. Thou Must Partition Thoust Hardrive Into Twice Parts. Then Thou Shall Install Linux On Halfs and Windows On Thoust Other.
  7. Please dont hack steam users account. What would be the point of that besides the games you could have. Pretty pointless if you ask me. It is possible but not recommened. If steam finds you hacking they will ban not just your account but the ip of your computer. Its pointless and a waste of time.
  8. Hey everyone I need to know where I can get either a free copy of Nod32 or a working Keygen for the activation.
  9. i posted that cause i wanted to partition the hard drive to fit windows and linux not to install just linux big difference i don't care what people think of me but your taking just a couple of curios help posts and thinking you know what i am capable of and i don't mean this to be rude in anyway i know im not 1337 very far from it but i am setting a goal i get bored with things after awhile so i focus on many things at once i have ADD so i learn a couple of things liek in language i learned spanish and portugese at the same time cause it was difficult to keep my attention i use to really good at C but just lost focus on it and i do know C was made to create OSes i don't know i m just shooting for the stars and keeping me going it's dream i have not a oh im starting it right now just i would liek to start on learning what i need to do it the way i want to Can You Please Learn How To Spell. Might Help In The "Programming Part Of It." Also How Is It Possible That You Once Were Very Good At C++ And Somehow Are Not Now. Programming Is Like Riding A Bike. Once You Learn You Don't Forget. Also Please Take Some Of This Advice!
  10. im going to buy it just to leave a really bad neg. comment!!! :ranaway:
  11. Verizon to the hizzle. Though verizon is shitty
  12. i have a dell inspiron 6000/xps. the reason there is a slash there is because my laptop was specialy made. Part of it has ins 6000 components and part xps. Kind of like a half-and-half deal. recently i download bitcomet. it wont work on my pc. It installs correctly and also loads right. But when i download a file it just says connecting and never works.....i've tryed everything. suggestions anyone :help: