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  1. This weeks meeting has been moved to next week! Some scedualing issues at work are keeping me from showing up and with a few of us going to HOPE it's been decided to move the meeting to next friday. Hope to see you all there. Blackbaud
  2. I just want to thank everyone for showing up for our first meeting, even tho some of us where a little late <hand raise> GUILTY!! </hand raise> You made the turn out a lot larger then I had expected with 14 people total at the meeting making it a great turn out! Make sure you check the BR843 website for updates on the next meeting (hopefully the free swag will be in better order this time :devil: ). We'll also be getting the mailing list out soon as well. Again thank you all for comming and I hope to see you all next month!
  3. Just a reminder that our first meeting is comming up this friday. For location information visit the BR843 website. Hope to see you all friday night! Blackbaud
  4. After some time and getting things togeather we now have a site up on binrev meetings! heres the link for you all. Hope to see everyone going next week!
  5. Yes the MOS training is only a year and they try to cover everything that you will need for your MOS (at least thats how it was in the Coast Guard) which is very close to what you'd learn getting your BS but wihtout all the other classes you'd need to take as prereqs. There is always on-going training for your MOS to go more indepth on your training for the MOS your in and also so your up to date with any changes in your MOS. Also your allowed to take specialized classes that are offered to Military personel to improve and specialize in certain systems and technical aspects of your MOS.
  6. Nice work guys :voteyes: I can't believe he didn't bother to hide the service provider :nono:
  7. We'll be moving the location of the first BR843 meeting because the number of people going that night cannot be supported at the previous location. Our new meeting place will not only accommodate the current size but will allow for further growth as well. We'll be meeting at the Coastal Grand Mall @ 2000 Coastal Grand Circle Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. The meeting is still at the same time of 7pm on June, 23rd. Also if you still need a ride please contact me at Blackbaud
  8. I'm 28, with my head phones plugged in I can hear it with my volume half way up. When I unplug them and turn my volume all the way up I don't hear anything. My ears ring and I get one hell of a head ache.
  9. I just tried it and the link worked for me.
  10. Bumped for reminder. For those of you intrested in going and you need a ride please contact me and I'll arrange transport for you. Blackbaud
  11. Well now thats kewl, the first time I've come across one on Ebay. Too bad its just the top portion
  12. Thought some of you guys might like what I found rummaging around ebay. Starting bid is $110.
  13. I was half way through the show when tones dropped for a call and I missed the rest of the show. Why can't people have medical emergencies before 2am :cuss:
  14. If you look at the first link near the end there is a scematic on the RF jammer. Some pretty good info in those links, and for those who don't understand what I'm talking about, an RF jammer sends out white noise on a specified frequency which stops all devices on that frequency from being able to connect. The links Droops refered to are on cell phone freqs but if you use the same scematics and change out the freq from 900mhz to a 2.4Ghz you'll get your wifi jammer. (And yes jamming any freq or possesing a jammer even making one is illegel in the US) I also came across something called the wifi-hog. I wish we could have it here.
  15. Its taken some time but we're ready to go. Our first meeting for the 843 is going to be held June, 23rd! @ 7pm in Myrtle Beach @ Barns and Noble (This is a temporay meeting place until we find a better location) Those of you in the Charleston area wishing to go please contact me at procainamide [at] gmail [dot] com or contact me via AIM at Blackbaud843. I will be having a car pool from that area for those who wish to attend (Gas money donations are greatly appriciated ) I have enough seating for 6 people! Our first meeting is going to be more of a meet and greet with an open forum discussion on Hackers and the Media. We'll also be holding a sign-up for those of you who would like to do a project or give a lesson for our future meetings. When: June, 23rd 2006 @ 7pm Where: Barns & Noble 1145 Seaboard St, Myrtle Beach, SC Charleston area and need a ride? or AIM Blackbaud843 I look forward to seeing and meeting you all. Blackbaud