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  1. Sorry, read my last post's edit!
  2. Doesn't work. `ifconfig eth0 <IP- address>` gives an error. The DHCP server which shares the internet won't do NAT for you unless you've been assigned a IP via DHCP anyway. I mean you can ping it, but it won't forward any traffic for you. I just tested in NT. Edit: I have got internet access to work using my second ethernet adapter, a Linksys LNE100TX v2.0. I have no options in the rc.inet1.conf for the adapter (now labeled eth0) however I assume the bash script, rc.inet1, while I used cat to sneak a glance, has set it up on the fly. Thanks for the help, by the way, no kidding. I'm new to this stuff and a newbie needs all the help he can get. So I'm assuming there is a problem with the Intel 100 Pro intergrated, perhaps an IRQ conflict or bad drivers? ...On the bright side, I can look up information while being in the same operating system, no more booting back and forth.
  3. I would guess eth0 is up because all the data is there except the IP address. How do you tell the state of eth0? Edit: erm, nevermind, I just read what you had said, with no arg ifconfig only loopback (lo) is displayed. I'll give it a shot. Edit2: Nope, tried what you had said, still doesn't work, been doing after reconfiguring to DHCP for everything, proper workgroup, et cetra... >ifconfig *only lo would display* >ifconfig eth0 up >ifconfig *eth0 with no ip* >dhcpcd -d -t 10 eth0 dhcpcd et0 mac address: whatever the mac address is >ifconfig *only lo, eth0 appears to have gone down* >ifconfig eth0 up >ifconfig *eth0 with no ip again*
  4. Hi. I'm running slackware 10.1 with the 2.4.x kernel. I am attempting to configure my Intel PRO 100/VE card (intergrated). The path to my machine to the internet is as follows: (note: the network is set up flawlessly, it works for several other computers and Slackbox when it is booted into Windows NT) `ifconfig -a` displays that the adapter exists however it does not have an IP address. I have then used the configuration tool which if I remember is `netconfig` with many different options (this basicly just edits /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.config). The way the network is run, "BridgePC" is running a dhcpd, you get your IP from him. I have tried setting up /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf with this way and reset the device by `ifconfig eth0 down` and then `dhcpcd -d -t 10 eth0` and `ifconfig eth0 up` but there is still no IP address under eth0. So... I decided to be rather cunning and use the Slax Live CD (killbill edition) since I have used it in the past and it automaticly detects my eth0. I figured they're both based upon Slackware, right? First, I examined /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.config, nothing was filled in for any of the options.. strange. I further looked around under /var/log and I found a line under whatever the startup log is called rather interesting, apparently it is a third-party driver/kernel module (site at here) which gave me that URL. That doesn't make sense however if there is already a driver for this eth in Slack 10.1 and it sees the card and I can actually see it with `ifconfig -a` unless (the drivers) do not work properly and these third-party ones do. I hope all the information I've provided helps and it wasn't too lengthy/useless.
  5. 0: Modem to a handset. 1: Because it's a payphone. I have a far more imperative question that should be asked: Why not? :voteyes: There is no information on google about building a telephone or any piece of it, let alone the handset. And there is little information about building couplers besides the HiK #9 electronic magazine which was probably released in the 1980s, which requires you to use a handset in the first place. However, if I found out how to do one (or the other), I could document both things in one fell swoop and educate people on otherwise vague information.
  6. I looked in Goodwill for a old telephone. Edit: And the mart or swap meet or whatever you call it was packed because it was a "nice day". Yeah right, it was DAMN HOT. Believe it or not, there were none. No telephones whatsoever. More searching online, can't believe there isn't a site about making a telephone! Thats pretty rare thing, to not find what you're looking for on google. Heck, I just want to make the handset (basicly, a beige box without keypad) from scratch just so I can make an acoustic coupler! Maybe somebody could sacrifice a virgin telephone thats just the microphone and earpiece in the handset?
  7. I'm trying to wire my own telephone using the following: 8 ohm 0.5w speaker electret microphone and eventually make this: However, every way I wire the speaker and microphone seems to be wrong. I found pictures which don't seem to be accurate at: This cute little page with a lot of Macromedia Flash Yet none of them discuss the wiring or making of a homebrew telephone from scratch. Or even photographs or a electrician's diagram of how the speakers are wired. Another thing is that it's a real pain to test because I am connecting everything with jumper cables. Contacts touch each other and it pulse dials a number after so many ttimes which is annoying, calling 911 would be even a bigger pain, I found out they fine you in my area if you call the police by accident/error/nothing wrong. So, what do you think?
  8. As far as I know you cannot disable ICMP under windows because it is apart of the IP protocol, but it can be filtered for. I'm guessing maybe winsock (windows sockets) is really screwed or the utility ping.exe always gives the same responce. Or perhaps it is doing something else.. Try disabling TCP/IP and pinging loopback, with a post of your shell window results.
  9. I was reading, like I normally do and I wasn't looking for anything in paticular... - New Riders, MCSE Training Guide: Windows NT Server 4, chaper 2, page 125 2nd paragraph. I knew the fact that the address existed, I just never exploited it from a technician's standpoint to debug a system. So I figured I would include it in a simple diagnostics application. Disable TCP/IP on my one and only ethernet adaptor... >ping Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 WHAT?! So then I start thinking... Well, the ping utility isn't specific for which adaptor it is using, so maybe I should disable TCP/IP on my 1394 'Firewire' card, too. After that... >ping Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 WHAT?!?!?!?!??! So I disable both adaptors altogether, same thing. >ver Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] Does anyone else experience this with any other operating system? Is the ping utility with windows screwed or the entire winsock implementation? Give me some feedback.
  10. batch file or perl. batch files are like BASIC, but worse if you can imagine that.
  11. Nothing impressive, execpt that it uses a basic stamp to store all the played numbers, looks like it decodes caller ID tones or stores numbers. I just stripped a load of 20 gauge 10 cm for breadboard jumpers. Do yourself a favor. If you become a electronic hobbier, get yourself a breadboard and a set of automatic strippers.
  12. Hell yeah, now he be skatin' on 22s and shieet. Heh.
  13. Can somebody hook tedious with some gmail chrome shieeet nigga?
  14. Wow, I got a lot of messages. I have weird hours, so... But they'll probably change considering I have a tutor next week. People think 'hacking' starts with the computer and ends at the computer. When really the name of the game is electronics, along with other specializations sprinkled in there. (not that they're insignifigant, but because sometimes there is a different type of element, usually human) Reverse Engineer Kernel 'hacker' Phreak (telecommunications) Electronic Engineering Cryptology Social Engineering And thats just a short broad list... I mean it's crazy. You'll probably need some inspiration so check these sites out: (check out his projects) (markus' brother, projects!) (a local phreak' s site strom carlson, very very very good man) (these guys are insane) (bunnie huang and his ee hacking the xbox project) (sam barros is... plasma boy!) (unix\networking humor) (interesting electronics with an airsoft based mindset) (lots of electronic projects) (yet more dozens of electronics projects!) (RC mania) the reason I don't have a lot of programming links is because it's like... programming is sort of like baking. it's simple... but yet it isn't. the yeast and the sugar and the ugh.
  15. I'd be more than happy to take you under my wing; answer any questions you have or whatever. First thing, try not to think of it as "hacking", try to think of what it really is, is obsessive engineering. Whenever I see somebody calling themselves hackers, I think of it as arrogant. Second, you need a cool head and an open-mind. Third, figure out what branch of "obsessive engineering" you want to specialize in and set that as your primary goal. If you need a list, let me know. Fourth, share your discoveries with others. you can contact me via aim... i'm usually on. and everyone at binrev are all a great help.