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  1. I need to make a capture filter that will capture only those packets from the range, and the "net" filter will only capture -everything- from the next octet down. Am I really going to have to put 99 filters in?
  2. myself and the 928 crew will be there
  3. I'd love to be able to do that, but I have no idea what the IP address of this computer is. Let me drop the tracert so you can see what I mean. From outside the network: 1 ( 0.626 ms 0.601 ms 0.405 ms 2 ( 4.357 ms 4.048 ms ( 7.122 ms 3 ( 4.230 ms 4.180 ms 4.215 ms 4 ( 32.868 ms 37.988 ms 37.717 ms 5 ( 33.453 ms 35.893 ms 36.509 ms 6 ( 63.953 ms 56.439 ms 55.816 ms 7 ( 54.986 ms 54.954 ms 55.812 ms 8 ( 77.338 ms 61.281 ms 61.712 ms 9 * From inside the network: Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms [] 2 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 3 1 ms 1 ms 20 ms 4 * * (the above tracert is using the regular, ICMP tracert that comes with windows xp, but Nscan's UDP tracert gives the same results) When I check an internet website to read my IP address, it detects the IP of my computer, not the shady border computer. Soo....I can't detect the computer with UDP or ICMP tracert, and the packets from my computer pass through it unmangled. It is OBVIOUSLY a Layer 3+ capable device because it detects/drops my UDP/ICMP packets, and it changes the TTL of the packet because it doesn't just move on to the next computer. Any ideas? I suppose I COULD just ask my boss what this computer is, but that would be no fun
  4. I'm trying to find information on a computer that is in my normal route to the internet. I can pass virtually any kind of traffic through this server. When I try to run tracert (either the icmp version or the udp version) I get the first 3 hops no problem, then my packets disappear. If I try to trace a route from outside this particular network, it will work for awhile, then again, my packets disappear (presumably due to the same computer dropping the packets). Is there any other way to find a computer's ip along a route other than using tracert?
  5. A new thought I have on an old subject, COULD bioengineer a strain of alge that is hearty enough to live on top of large sections of ocean. THAT would probably affect the rotation of the earth. I dont think most fishies would like it though
  6. Some factors to consider: What starting position do you need to take? How exactly do they have to Jump? Do you swing your arms? What happenes if a quarter of the people that try it fall on their ass? In what concentration do people have to be in order for the curvature of the Earth to not interfere with all those vectors? What footware should you wear that day, if any? What surface is optimal? Do you have to be standing on bare rock, or can you be inside? ...and so on and so forth. In order for this to work AT ALL, each and every person participating in this would have to be standing on a piece of ground that is not compressible all the way through the core, meaning no fissures or liquid of any kind, otherwise, the impulse of you hitting the ground will simply disperse as heat into the ground underneath you, not affecting the any of the mass beneath it at all. Not only that, but they would have to tie in PRECISE measurements of everyone's position in relation to eachother and feed data through a supercomputer to find down to the hundred-thousanth of a second when each and every person should hit the ground. This assumes hyper-accurate data on the topology of the Earth, which noone has. NOT ONLY THAT, but you would have to somehow coordinate 600 million of the most hopeless, mouth-breathing fucks of the Internet to have the reaction time and motor control to react on said hundreth-of-a-second time scale. If you are THAT good at controlling the masses, you should just forget about changing the Earth's orbit by jumping, take over all nations simultaneously, sit back and enjoy all that free time that went into making this webpage in the lap of luxury. In short, this is completely impossible from any practical standpoint, and you should go back to your Physics homework
  7. For everyone out there who is trying to do what I am trying to do (get a server running under BSD, with the secondary objective of learning a bit about BSD), this book seems to be quality. the site has alot of o'reilly books up there for free....don't know how long that's going to last...
  8. I want to set up a router with firewall in FreeBSD (so I can learn the basics, and move later to OpenBSD) Does anyone know of a good paper to read for this? Besides the BSD Handbook?
  9. No, the reason I want to deactivate it is because when you deactivate the phone, the minutes dont go away for 30 days. When you activate the phone, you tell the company what your service area is. So, I was thinking, if you could deactivate the phone, then reactivate it when you are, say, on the other side of the country, you could keep from incurring roaming charges.
  10. Is there any way you can voluntarily deactivate your tracfone?
  11. cool little program I'm just starting to learn assembly, and just looking at your source I learned alot
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it
  13. I just installed windows server 2003 standard corporate on my main computer, but zonealarm seems to not be compatible with it. I went to the webpage that was suggested by windows help, but the only thing there was a message saying I wasnt supported. Anyone know if there is a fix, or can anyone suggest a good program you use?
  14. source?
  15. gIFT The Linux Mirror Project (links to clients for BT)