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  1. "heres some dangerous programs, don't open them though!"
  2. There's a CVS down the street, go open a box, don't wait a week.
  3. yeah, leaving it blank is a real good way to stick it to Rupert Murdoch's Empire!
  4. pretty sweet site made me giggle
  5. point of post = ? That's disgusting btw.
  6. haha, both great analogys. I'll look into linux, I'm sure my computer can run it it's just my lazyness thats holding me back from trying new things. Thanks for the advice
  7. that's not really hacking, just a lame exploit, that's virtually useless.
  8. Here's something useful to read about it
  9. The school I go to uses Squidguard, they only started because of the bitches going on myspace during school, before that it was fine to go to any site you wanted but now theres restrictions, and they're becoming more and more strict, almost all proxy browsing sites are blocked, but I just fill out offers and make $ all class, which isnt blocked so I'm still happy.. for now.
  10. I use windows XP, I've never used linux before, why is it better than windows? (btw first post, these forums look like a lot of fun, cant wait to make some new friends and learn about interesting stuff!)