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  1. This is kind of premature. He MAY have solved the problem, but his solution hasn't been completely reviewed yet, and there is already some talk that his proofs are kinda sketchy.
  2. Yes, but can you handle the TERROR and FEAR inflicted on your tiny minds by THIS Variation of the scary picture?
  3. That, and the fact that china currently has enough ss-n-22(moskit/sunburn) missiles to destroy the entire US fleet twice over, a larger manufacturing base, and more troops than us. So the only way to get an advantage on them for a war would be to use nukes, at which point we'd have a whole new set of problems on our hands.
  4. Ahh. Sweet evidence destruction:
  5. The trick to being good at any sort of thing that might be considered illegal is to make sure you leave no evidence where it is avoidable. good burglars do not use gloves simply because they touch nothing they don't intend to steal. good virus writers don't leave clues in the source of their virii, etc. The three simple methods for evidence elimination are Burn it. (works for your organics) Break it. (works for your metallics) Hide it. (works for everything else, but remember to hide the materials you used for steps one and two)
  6. Phrack is: - hacking - phreaking - spying - carding - cybernetics - radio - electronics - forensics - reverse engineering - cryptography - anarchy - conspiracy - world news Thats from their site, so yeah, they tend to be pretty broad on their topics.
  7. I'd install the marathon games. Not only are they shining examples of mac-only gaming, they have the most in-depth plot of any FPS ever.
  8. Virtual PC is not free, and performs worse than VMWARE. The only advantage it has over VMware is in the realm of DOS emulation, because vmware's handling of DOS memory management software is really bad.
  9. You have to go to school for serveral years, schools will give you an accreditation which you can use to be licensed, pretty much like becoming a gunsmith. At least thats what my girlfriend says, and I'm inclined to trust her as she is currently in school to be one.
  10. Didn't you hear? Kevin Mitnick got arrested again. Russel Wong caught him attempting to release a supervirus and he's going to prison. (adden.) I think the free kevin thing is going to continue for as long as there are stickers to sell, but i have little faith in peoples intentions.
  11. Background check services will charge you money. They are not free. The reason for this is that most background checks are done by walking into the local municiple offices (usually vital records offices) and asking for copies of the relevant documents. In most states if you are not immediate family of the person you are requesting information on you have to have a PI license to ask for this information. The routes that are available to you otherwise are old newspaper articles and any records that are public domain, what constitutes public domain varies from state to state. I'd call your local vital records office (there are usually 1 or 2 in every state) and ask them for what you can get. You'll likely have to pay a small fee for every document you request, 5-20 dollars apiece, just like when you are requesting the blueprints of a building.
  12. I am behind a restrictive firewall at work and do not wish to circumvent this firewall or install any t00lz on this computer, however, I really would like to know what ports are open on ilovebees.com (if you know anything about this website, you will know that I am not asking for malicious reasons). Could someone scan it and post the results? addendum:(or pm them to me. If anyone else is interestend in this, its a kind of game, and I'm wondering if there is an element to it not yet discovered by the people who are playing) <not being a post whore>Thank you!</nbapw>
  13. Except for maybe the questions "Isn't it morally wrong to give me a warning when I -was-, in fact, speeding?" and "Why haven't you audited my return yet?"
  14. I'm going to quote stankdawg on this one. Information is out there, but its kinda accepted that he doesn't want attention drawn to himself.
  15. ALMOST ten years. windows95 was released in 1995. Shortly after the release of windows 95, around 1996 drivers like these began to emerge. 8 years is close to ten years, if not ten years exactly.