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  1. Very funny (thej3w & ziptree) Any one else to really help me
  2. First of all, thanks for replying GreyFox I buy the book and want its solutions, their site said you can have the solutions for free but you must be instructor. I don't think that fair, do you? Matt I have old windows (winme), so I have winipcfg (and ipconfig) instead winipconfig, and their command line don't have edit option, so how I can edit Alnotype.atk. thej3w I saw this picture before, but I can't remember the program name. Tell me its name and I will try it
  3. I needed to download all_solman.zip (which is book solutions) from this link EDIT by StankDawg: link removed. I have usersnames EDIT by StankDawg: account names removed. But the problem is their passwords. I tired brutus, but it takes long time to find the password and after short while it stop because I think they spot me. I tried their ftp"EDIT by StankDawg: link removed.", and I can see passwd but I can't download it, I will n-stealth tonight and hope it finds something. Other placed for the book solutions EDIT by StankDawg: Link removed. But here without knowing either the username nor the password can help me? EDIT by StankDawg: Links removed because this is blatently illegal and cannot be allowed in the forums. Read the rules. :rules: