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  1. why france france sucks..go for canada... build their army up then just start flipping out on random 3rd world countries or who ever u like :devil: :ranaway: :pissed:
  2. if ur getting loads of computers give one to meee mmine suckes uber nuts
  3. that list is fringin great.. some many great numbers
  4. are those 48 hours up yet ? im not sure if its working or not... seeing as how i have never ben their before..just tell me when its working agian thanxs
  5. why would they be stoped ??
  6. thats really crazy, why would thier gov even need computers 1/2 the people in that country couldn't afford a computer if they saved all thiers lives...thats really sad.. just think no one but the rich have computers
  7. they pictures are great. i really need a digicam, my stepmom has one but i will be lucky if i can even touch in let alone use it
  8. is their any point if you can't get any minutes?
  9. thats a nice site.....useful possibly
  10. barnes and nobles a great store......they sell 2600
  11. just wanted to welcome a fellow newbie to the forums.....WELCOME! hope to see you around
  12. this is still me (hu_ie) just a new handle. nubie phreak + getting into hacking, hang with pb and phreakout, looks great finally joined, will not post flameable questions