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  1. well making a slim jims easy but it doesnt work on electric windows they have this deal that slips under the window and grabs teh inside lick and pulls up
  2. dunno what to tell ya im sure theres a ini mod you could do but i dunno it
  3. hold on would the linux on winders deal would linux have like the kde gui or is it shell like cygwin cause if its gui thats kick ass
  4. wow... lotta people here... nice?... well hi all... :skull: oh you where expecting more... well... sorry
  5. well of coarse you would first have to disable the alarm but on some older cars you can just py open the bottom of the ignition and connect the blu and red wires i belive check the anarchy cookbook lol it could be the black and the red no cause black is ground
  6. i love cain but it doesnt interface well with my wireless usb i suggest learning how to do somple sql injects like ' or" or something like that and mess around with it most of the stuff ive learned are just from goofing off and finding something cool get a live cd and check out some of the tools on it and maybe dl cygwin and put metasploit on it i saw a tut on blacklisted 411 about makeing a virtual sys running default win2000 and explioting it with meta it was cool
  7. get a card with a spot for an external antenna cause i got screwed when i bought a d-link usb card i think it goes like 20 ft lol im using it right now cause i dun have internet so i link up to the local hotspot. i get horrible reception and i have to sit in the corner of my room to get it and if i bump the table it all goes to shit so dont get a pos get a nice one