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  1. I'm sorry, but... none of that documentation makes any sense to me. Like, I get it, but I still don't know how to do it.
  2. That might work. I'll give it a shot. Now I just need to figure out how to get SBM on a floppy.. I understand you have to burn the image, but.. I don't know. I'm lost. Where's the iso? :cry:
  3. I've taken a look at SBM and honestly, I have no idea how to get that thing working. I don't know what to install, what to be putting on the floppy, and any guide I've looked at so far has just been gibberish to me. Any help would be hot. EDIT: Shiiitt... :blowfuse: I just noticed something. About the SBM.. to make it work, you have to have both the floppy in AND the cd you want to boot off of, am I correct? That's what I just read. If this is so.. I can't do it. On my laptop, the cd drive and the floppy drive can be taken out and the other put it, but you can't have both in at the same time. Am I screwed? I can't quit, I need to find a way to make this work. lol
  4. Ok, well, here we go.. now I've got another problem with this. I managed to start installing Debian with just floppies, but I'm stuck choosing a mirror of the Debian archive. I've tried every single one they offer in the US option and every time it comes back with "The specified Debian archive mirror is either not available, or does not have a valid Release file o it. Please try a different mirror." :blowfuse:
  5. Yes, I have access the BIOS. The only two options it gives me is Hard Disk Only and Diskette First; neither of which works. The behavior? Well, normal. The cd is in, but it just goes ahead and starts up Windows. Nothing about Knoppix at all. So.. yeah.
  6. I have an old Dell Latitude LM laptop I got for free from my grandfather a few days ago. It works all right, and runs Windows 95. Now, I've burned the Knoppix Live to a CD. I know it works, I've used it on other computers. For some reason it will not boot up on my laptop at all. Why? And, can this problem be fixed by simply installing Smart Boot Manager? I'm also having the same problem with Ubuntu installation. It won't boot up. -Please and thank you- EDIT: I'm pretty sure someone is going to ask for some specs, but I'm not sure what to put so.. ask and ye shall recieve to the best of my ability.
  7. Weeell... I'm Erik. 16 year old student from the middle of somewhere known as Indiana. I'm pretty new to programming and hacking, as it is, but I'm learning. I've been doing a LOT of reading. I eventually found this place through Rantradio somehow. Some link led to another, to another, and.. yeah. Later!