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  1. Hey everyone, we havnt released anything in about 8 months, so we figured we would toss together the content we have been working on over that time and compile an episode. Odds are you dont even remember us, and if that is the case take another look at our show. Episode 10 was released 8/6/09
  2. Get yourself a dedicated server (serverpronto, 30$/month) and setup torrentflux on it. Download all the torrents on the server, then down them to the local machine using sftp or some other form of tunneled file transfer application. May be overkill but I'm sure if you and some of your friends at school pitched in, maybe you could afford it alot easier. 6 people splitting 30$ each month isnt bad. Might be able to get away with the same scheme on some shared webhosting providers, but I doubt it. You could always just ask nicely to use my torrentflux server too . Another advantage to the whole thing is that the server is on a 100mbit connection to the net, and the torrents, if seeded nicely, are blazingly fast.
  3. Ubuntu server edition has an install option to "Install and setup a LAMP server". Its right on the boot menu after you boot from the CD. That would be the most painlessly easy way to do it.
  4. You will not be able to do this on a machine hosted in your home on a residential ISP line. You need a business class connection to the internet. These types of connections are typically only available in data centers or large corporations. You'll have to get a dedicated server ( or a virtual private server from any of dozens of providers. Just be sure that they allow you to delegate what your reverse DNS records are. In the data center where my server is hosted (infolink) I just have to submit a ticket and they will change it to whatever I like. This is nice because I don't have to hassle with any of the name servers and such. At my provider, additional IP addresses are 10$ a pop, one time fee. All that said, its probally not worth it for you to spend 100$ a month or 30$ a month on a dedi or VPS just to do irc bncs. If you want, if you cover the 10$ fee and maybe consider a small "donation" to me you could just use my server. Ill give you a shell and talk to the ISP and get the rdns setup, and you can just point the A records of your domain to my server. Let me know.
  5. They look like standard splice type enclosures to me. They are for when the phone company cant run a whole new line, but need to attache two lengths of copper together. These look to be rather heavy duty, probally designed to be extremly waterproof. If you crack them open you wont find anything that interesting. Just a wad of wires all spliced together. Something similar to this sicks out of the gravel around my pool. The telco used a splice thing to reroute the phone line underground around the pool when it was put in. Dunno why they didnt just run a whole new line from the box, its only about another 50 feet, but whatever. I'm pretty sure thats all these are, but I could be wrong.
  6. Seriosuly considering this with the Q. Ability to teather to a laptop like i do on my VZW phone?
  7. What version is the xbox. Anything wrong with it?
  8. Up and running. I have it trunked with IAX to my main server colocated in Miami. Using it to drive a few SIP phones back here at home. Easier to get one IAX connection through the firewall than to get 3 SIP devices though it.
  9. Heh, leave it to the guy with the cisco avatar to come through Thanks, I didn't realize the cisco accounts were free. I thought you had to have some kind of business affiliation with cisco in order to register. Thanks While were on the subject. Do you know of any fun stuff to do on the XML screens on these phones? I dunno if I mentioned, but I bought a 7960 phone. Would be neat to have weather, rss, Iraq casualty count, etc on the phone screen. Later
  10. From what I understand, you must have some kind of a membership to download SIP compatible formwares for cisco IP telephones. I do not posses this as I have purchased my 7960's on ebay. I was wondering if anyone here had a place for me to download the firmware, or maybe just correct my assumption that you need to have some kind of membership. Thanks
  11. Well, I have a snow day from school today, so I'm burning this now. Ill probally toy with it for a couple hours.
  12. Looks good. Downloading it now I find it hard to find anything that surpasses a FreePBX-based Asterisk GUI though. Its the most complete I've seen. This looks either Fedora or CentOS based (close enough). What I really want is someone to develop an all-in-one package like this based on Debian. That would be sweet.
  13. Anyone got the video? It wasnt uploaded in the batch of files I got:
  14. Bit pricey, probally a way to do it in software using VoIP if you really needed to.
  15. We put out episode 5 about 10 hours ago. Go grab it if the following interests you: Laptop Painting: Part 1 Steve reviews some freeware windows apps. Steve shows off a great font website Nick builds a drawer in a space drive bay for lugging stuff to and from lan parties a breeze. A message from our friends at hte crappy asst podcast