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  1. That one didn't work either.
  2. I know, Ive already tried all the Broadcom ones and most of the others. I do however have another "other device" in my device manager. I tried to run it through the pcidatabase but i got nothing. Could this by my wifi card?
  3. Im telling you man, I only get four files when i do that. Check for yourself, my service tag is 1NC0741. I ran the vendor through the database and its Broadcom. But i downloaded the Broadcom driver and its ive gotten that ^^
  4. I did the search that someone suggested and it said that i had a Broadcom one. When i enter my service tag, It doesn't list any network drivers at all. I only get 4 under "communication". I downloaded the Broadcom one and got that ^^ (last post)
  5. I re-downloaded the driver and still the same thing. I only have my "local area connection" which i didn't have before. Its not telling me that its wireless. Before I had no network connections, now after i download it I have one, the "local area" one. It says: Local Area Connection 3 Network Cable Unplugged Broadcom 570x Gigabit Inter.. When i double slick on it. I get the properties screen.
  6. OK I found it. Its a Broadcom vendor. I went back to dell and downloaded the BroadCom driver but when i click on the connection icon. It says that the "network cable is unplugged" What do i do now?
  7. I looked in my device manager and could not find my wi-fi card. I'll just got to the Dell websote and try downloading the drivers they have there. Thanks, I'll let you know it it goes.
  8. Its a dell latitude d600. I looked on the back of it and found like 5 stickers that were plaec there. None of them really tell you what they are for. Random numbers + letters. I did however find a sticker for an WLAN. But it doesn't say a brand or anything like that. Just "contains Intel WLAN radio model: blah blah blah. The closest thing to a manufacturer of it is a symbol that looks liek a check mark with "N232" by it.
  9. I bought a re-furbished laptop a while back and when I got it, i just used the Wi-fi card in it to conenct. Well a soon got a virus and had to re-install windows. Well I still have a wi-fi card on my laptop, It just isn't telling me i do. For a while i was just using a linksys usb network adapter but i want to go back to my wi-fi card. How can i restore it to the way it was before i re-installed windows. I do not know which kind it is. I also looked for it on my laptop physcally, and could not find where it coems out or attatchs. Any help is suffeicent.
  10. no?
  11. Ok.. In my house i have 3 computers on the same wireless network. All of a sudden my sister's computer froze. She went to restart manually and when it re-booted back.. She only has a black screen with the cursor, nothing else. I tried to boot in safe mode.. nothing. So im sitting there, confused in front of a black screen, and i hear my mom scream my name..! I go into her, room and the same exact thign happened. Now i've had computers crash on my many times. But i have never seen anything like this.. For it to occur twice in a matter of seconds on two different computers? What is going on? I cant restart any of them.. i get the same black screen with a cursor. Can't boot on safe mode, i get the same thing. What the hell just happened. Two of the three computers on my network have just froze and completely crashed (both without previos problems). Does anybody have any idea what the hell just happened?!? My OS: Windows XP
  12. But are they seperate? or does the space merge? Do i boot on one at a time and use them seperatly that way or do i just boot up the master one and it automatically uses the seconds' space?
  13. well i figured it was possible and i kno how to. But what are the advantages? what is it like having teo?
  14. Ok i was wondering if i could/should install two hard drives. I have two available and one computer. I was wondering if i could just install both. If i were to do this.. what are some advantages that i would have rather than only having one? what would it be like having two? Is it just pretty much one with more space? or is it having two seperate places you can boot up?
  15. well lord wud.. i think its a little late for that. I already switched hard drives and everything looks connected and it seems good. I also replaced the cd rom bc i knew the one always jammed. But im about to try it out. So u want me to try booting it first? or just try to look teh windows reinstall disk? ** ok i tried just booting it and all i get is a semi-black screen with a white dash ( _ ) blinking in the top left.. So i tried booting the windows re-install disk and still get the same thing