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  1. amen!
  2. Use the private surfing at the top of the page: Damm they're good! The firewall blocked the site! Can't even get access to that.
  3. Actually, to be more specific, it's the gateway. It's not a content block filter - that I know. I'm going to try ricstr's idea as well. Now I'm obsessed! I know there are always holes - I just need to find them! Thanks guys!
  4. Hey Pixel Fiend, thanks so much for helping me out -that was really kind of you. I really appreciate you taking the time out to find answers. Unfortunately the firewall does not permit any way to proxy the server. The board is finally-I found home (after all this time-the alien's phone home answered! sniff sniff) . And now I can't frickn even access it. I can through an outside line through my friend's account - but unfortunately, cannot be spending so much time on his system. Again - you are the shizz Pixel Fiend! Hotaru
  5. Actually, the sys admin is my best friend and he doesn't have the abilities to change things either. Unfortunately, the powers that be reside in Oakland CA. Even the director of the IT department cannot change configs. This really sucks.
  6. And what's wrong with pink??? Zapperlink, is this your site? It's freakn' awsome! It's scripted and designed so that even n00bs like myself can understand and learn. I sent this link to my ISO who still thinks that the word "hacker" is a bad one.
  7. I don't really know anything about firewalls, and am not sure if this is the right place to post this topic, but why can I register, login and participate on a hacker freakn forum, yet I try to register on a php board that has nothing to do with hacking/phreaking etc, and I'm blocked and denied access???!!! Does anyone know a way around this? It's an AWESOME board. Any help or enlightenment is appreciated.
  8. That's the book that was given to me. And I really like it. I too am going for my tech license. I just need to call a VEC, just been soooo busy lately. Since they changed the test criteria a bit in 2003, I don't know how good this book is going to be. I've been nervous taking the exam, but when I spoke to my sister she told me that my brother-in-law, 12-yr old niece and 15-yr old nephew just got theirs (dammit! :mumble: I was hoping to beat them!) and my bro-in-law got his general and is now going for extra. Something that she just learned was that you no longer need Morris Code for any of the exams anymore, but their not telling their kids that . My bro-in-law told me that the computer test examples really helped him so that's what I'm doing.
  10. Biometric identification. Freakn' GATTACA I swear!
  11. Backgroud check for job.
  12. Does anybody know what it is the FBI is doing when your finger prints are sent to them (i.e. background check)? Thanks!
  13. Thanks Hacksaw!!! These are grrrrreaaaat! :voteyes:
  14. I won a Sony Clie (the really cool one - with bl00 t00th) at a convention in October and it was AWSOME! Until I gave it away.......
  15. I'm here and nothing........