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  1. Say i want to "borrow" some software from my school. how do i find the load file?
  2. Ok, so Windows locked me out of my computer (i.e. i forgot my password). I've downloaded an ophcrack-livecd 1.1.4 but I can't burn it to a disk. Do I need to use a special disk for this? I'm using regular ole Sony CD-R 700mb It kind of sucks having two computers and not be able to use both...
  3. Ok, so why hasn't anyone given a straight answer yet? I am kind of interested in knowing if Myspace can be easily hacked. Also, how hard would it be to get into facebook?
  4. C++

    OK, so I want to learn the language of C++, what is the best way for me to go about doing this? I already found a tutorial site If anyone has a better site for me to look at or any tips about how I could practice I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hey, im setting up my own website, for the life of me i can't figure out how to set up an interactive calendar. does anyone have any tips of where i can get a good one? free?
  6. got a little problem, havn't turned my desktop on in a loooong time and have forgot what the password i used to have on there was. i could reformat and lose everything, but i dont want to do that...any suggestions?
  7. Alright, so i was watching tv and an ad for came up. so as the commercial continued, they proceeded to tell me that you can access your work computer from there potential for tampering here? seems to easy to be true.......
  8. yeah, im pretty sure they are LED's. about the phone line....a woman i talked to that edits and submits the pictures (same company "Lamar")said she uses a program to replace the pictures all over the internet. it may be different here i guess. thef007-
  9. adobe premiere is can do anything with it thef007-
  10. thats interesting....are the boards in michigan run by the same company? thef007-
  11. so chances are it isn't wireless.
  12. here are some pictures of the billboard for anyone who is interested. thef007-
  13. Thanks, ill put my money back in my pocket. I don't want to deal with all those problems. she said her graphics card is already going out...ill take your advice and look for better deals. thef007-
  14. Does anyone know much about Averatec computers? a friend is thinking about selling it, itll need to be upgraded it worth buying? thef007-
  15. Does anyone know where i can get some license keys? thef007-