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  1. Dammit....I'm so envious of all you guys. Please rub your face in some tits and have a beer for me if you would!
  2. You can get a pretty cheap iBook if you google it. Hell...you can find anything cheap if you google it. Just search "cheap -whatever ur lookin for- laptop"
  3. Damn dial up...now i have to wait until monday to check this out at work.
  4. Go to a health department...they'll give you a bag of them
  5. lol, yes, but you unlock it so you can change all the info. Thats the point of not having anything programmed with a SIM. You can change everything within the phone, we have a guy who does it down here. They cut mine off, but we didn't have test numbers at the time, and he programmed it to make calls still. I'm not trying to start a flame war w/ya, just saying its possible.
  6. lol, its not free services guys. usually for a verizon phone, you can unlock it by entering the service code, usually 6 zero's, then change some options and enter the test number that works and there you have it, free outgoing calls. It all depends on the type of phone though. Don't flame, it can be done. http://cellphoneforums.net/samsung/t202903...ll-deleted.html
  7. I agree, thats fuckin scary as shit. Not to mention fucked up as hell. Damn government...
  8. Star Wars Kid was funny for like the first two times, just b/c he about falls. Now the guy is in a mental hospital...shame..
  9. If you're going to be dual booting, you can just choose which OS you want to run. It will bring up a menu at the beginning after POST runs. I imagine thats how it works, I've never dualbooted w/linux
  10. I'd go with buying a new battery unless the hack ^^^^ works. I've got an older laptop that I just fuck around on and it won't hold a charge above 10% but try the hack first.
  11. Not sure if this is the right section for this, but let me know if its not. Anyone remember the Excite VP Chat? Halsoft has re-introduced it, but has cut out all use of the booters, laggers, and bots. Anyone know of a website that still has these or has made newer versions??
  12. Yes...old. They had this playing at Celebration III..good to know its still up and running though.
  13. Also depends on what you're wanting to hack as well. If you're wanting to break into the CIA or just fuck around w/the neighbors. Its still an availability to wardrive with windows if you wanted (assuming you have a laptop w/wireless card) But from personal experience, follow what everyone is saying and build up on a *nix live cd. They're perfect for learning on and you can find tons of tutorials on most of them. Go to: http://www.linuxiso.org to check out some of the different distributions. Plus READ READ READ! You can get the slickest distro out there but not know shit about how to use it to its full potential! Best of luck to you
  14. I just finished reading this post and wow...jesus christ on a cracker man. i love this shit...glad to know i'm still alive. backup that hard drive and reformat it!
  15. AHHHH Can't believe I forgot this! All about programming w/free books. http://www.freetechbooks.com/