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  1. Pretty cool! Where did you find them/it? Sounds like a pretty good find, I would so use those for an intercom from my front door to the computer room. LOL...
  2. On my toshiba there is a setting in the bios that allows you to turn off all of the lights on the deck. If you can't get a software fix you could always just disable them. That would be a quick fix.
  3. ok, i'll look at those links. Oh, the disk utilites on the installation don't wanna format the fat32 partition. It says" unable to read partition map" I just don't wanna mess up my windows vista partition
  4. I have a dell and i am trying to keep my vista ntfs partition intact, but reformat the 5 gb dell restore partition to HFS+
  5. Wouldn't that delete the rest of the HD aswell? I have a larger partition for Vista, which i am using now, and a smaller one for Mac. I just want to be able to format the drive before i try to install it because apple's installer says "unable to read partition map" and won't erase/format the partition.
  6. Does anyone know of a windows formatter for the Mac HFS+ filesystem? I have a partition in fat32 that i need to change to HFS+, but the mac installer's disk utility's won't do it for me. I can't get this to install without it formatted correctly
  7. cool, i got mine! Neato shirt. wore it too school and people asked me questions about what it was.
  8. Too expensive for a device you can't expand as easily as palm os. I still love my treo 650, i have over 500mb of apps for it so i can do almost anything. I do need a new ipod though my old one just got fried . I demoed it at AT&T place the other day and found out they had it connected to the in-store wifi so the browser was faster that slow old edge. I disable wifi so safari was really slow :pirate: teh l33t tj
  9. he probably doesn't have the broadcom 43xx wifi card, he probably has the intel one. I have the broadcom one. He doesn't mention which one he has.
  10. i wanted to boot into the live cd to repartition and make sure i could get wireless working.
  11. I have a dell e1705 and when i put in the fiesty fawn official cd it tries to boot it, but stops after "running local boot scripts" and it says "bcm43xx error microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load found" I think it has something to do with the broadcom 43xx wifi card i have, but i don't know why the live cd won't boot.
  12. cool! thx
  13. I have upgraded to vista and found that netstumbler doesn't work! I am looking for a good vista compatable wifi scanning software, becasue i don't really like vista s built in one. Netstumbler always seemed to be able to pull in connections when there were no bars listed in the windows connections window.
  14. hmm, thanks. I was just curious cause it sounded like it would work in theory. I was looking at that micro mosquito mini helicopter at radioshack earlier and it got me thinking about rc aircraft. I think im gonna get one of them helicopters from ratshack...
  15. I am wondering if there is a way to find the frequency of an rc car/plane and then override it w/ your own controls. Maybe with a laptop. Is this even possible?