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  1. the ports work (devices connect and function and i can *read* everything in knoppix) -- but i cant seem to get knoppix to write to usb. each usb-disk is labeled as a "read-only filesystem".
  2. i have a laptop that is messed up. cant boot. i have admin privs. i use knoppix and i can read the laptop-disk but not write to any usb disks (neither a 2gb stick or 500g drive). i boot up with berry (another live distro) and can write to the usb's but cannot even read the laptops hard disk. i need to save whats on the laptop soon, and preferably, delete it too. i need this done immediately. any ideas would help. thanks.
  3. http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=6622 part 2, half 1 http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=6767 part 2, half 2
  4. thanks guys, i'll give it a try and let you know.
  5. i have a SONY DVD+-RW DW-D56A all-in-one that no longer reads. when i insert anything (cd/dvd or a blank) it pulls up an explorer window (D:\). yesterday, i was copying some files onto my hd from a dvd-r i'd burned awhile back using sonic dla. when done, i mustve ejected prematurely (my only guess) because the computer still thought the disc was inside. i could double-click d: and it would pull up the explorer window showing the contents, folders, etc. but if i were to open a text file or exe or movie, the system would give me an error (rightly so). i could insert a different disc (any) and find the same result. i even re-inserted the same dvd and to no avail. i tried deleting the contents of d:\ while no disc was inside (without really thinking, actually) - and it worked, but now i have the same situation with a blank window. btw, 'my computer' still shows that drive d: has 658M free out of a total 4.37G.
  6. kitche is correct. it is one of a several important background processes that help the windows os work. i would like to suggest, with as much ''friendliness'' and ''support'' in mind as possible, that you search for this on your own. you will certainly learn more from a reputable website, or a library, and perhaps a little experience, than from any boob in a forum. yours is a good question, on a very interesting and important topic. im sure you will be satisfied if u google it. whats more, you shouldnt even use such programs as zonealarm without a basic understanding of windows (im assuming ur the admin, if its asking you what to do) - it cant hurt to learn :) ... so go fcking google it
  7. I2?

    you see, what we have here is a failure to communicate. exhibit a, the stereotypical internet forum thread: interesting topic --> less than insightful discussion thereof --> someone, somehow feels his/her pride is insulted --> bullshit. can u say ''banality'' ? they should make an internet3 to avoid this. : )
  8. http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-ga...issan-terranaut
  9. http://www.alldumb.com/item/16089/ " iPod Fatty "
  10. i dont think your link works.
  11. why didnt he just go as himself? it seems that half the story (a good one, though somewhat implausible) is about wardrobe. does this guy like to dress up for his cons? btw, what did he do w/ that laptop?
  12. much appreciated pal
  13. whats lame is posting shit, and then asking if its lame or not. (but dont worry, thats not lame, there's no such thing as lame programming. you can breath easy now )
  14. what's so badass that you have to hide yourself like that? it seems really unnecessary, and that there is a much easier way. wish i could point you in that direction, but mi no expert either. (heh, "thanks for the help", right?)
  15. try the Windows NT Command Processor, or similar