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  1. Thx guys for all your links. Oh, and tiocsti, I didn't really mean it like that, I phrased that sentence wrong, what I meant was, could someone "show me in the right direction", because, I don't know where to start.
  2. Hey Guys. I am really interested in learning C. Only problem is, I don't know where to start? Any "push" or "kick-start" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -De_STuRBeD
  3. thx, any1 else got any proggys and tools?
  4. Hmm, if your school is blocking certain keywords or is filtering out "banned" words. Get the address of whatever you need and use an online web page translator to translate the page into a different langauge. The only problem is navigation.... if you dont understand russian or whatever, it will probably be a little hard to navigate your way around the website
  5. ha ha ha!!!
  6. i think reporting it would be the best thing to do? or, you could be really mean and use it :S
  7. i think i saw this on one of the hack tv eps? didnt really show how, just showed a person ( 1 or 2 or 3 ) doing it?
  8. thx guys, gonna do some dumspter diving later
  9. thx man, dloading the infonomicon eps
  10. Hey guys Just wanted to find out if it's possible to convert SID music to MP3's? Would I have to record or is there a program that can do it? I googled this but found nothing? Maybe someone can help? Thx Alot
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to ask if you guys can link me to good tech tv? Like Hack TV, Packet Sniffers and great shows like that. I am wanting to compile a DVD with as many shows as possible Thx
  12. Hey guys, I have heard alot about DUmpster Diving and the things you can find while doing it. I just wanted to know, if you guys have any location recommendations for dumpster diving? Eg: Outside a mall or something like that? Anyway, thx
  13. thanks for that information... the thing i am trying to get, is basically connecting to the computer via the open port? would this be possible? any1?
  14. Hey guys, I know you have probably heard this a billion times, and i am really sorry if you get irratated with these kind of questions. Ok, I have recently done an IP scan on myself, trying to find open ports. I found a couple of open ports which I recorded. The main question here, would basically be: How would I get into my/someone elses box if I got their IP and an open port. Is this even possible? Anyway, help would be appreciated. Thanks -De_STuRBeD
  15. yer, i know this isn't hacking, sorry for posting it in the like general hacking section, pls move it to nubie section