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  1. I have a 5 star rating and I've been here awhile, may I be considered?
  2. I really wouldn't mind paying the fee. The downside is that hardly anybody posts in the SE forums anyway, so I couldn't see myself getting my money's worth. Because I know jack about hacking, and I'll admit that.
  3. I began learning independently, buying books and coding my own programs. Then I realized that hacking the human mind comes naturally to me, so now I am in constant training to improve my social engineering skills.
  4. http://www.newsweek.com/id/91688 Does this mean Derren Brown is a robot?
  5. That's pretty decent. Where did you find/hear about it?
  6. I need a car that won't break down on me, nothing fancy, just something that will get me from point A to point B. That if I could go back in time I would have put 5,000 dollars into the CMKX stock, 400 dollars was equivalent to a million shares 2 years ago, but then they found just about every useful natural resource on the land the they purchased. The large trading company higher-ups are retiring because they are going to have to go back into the market to buy it at it's appreciated value or else they go to jail for a roughly 10 years. Penny Stocks into Dollar Shares.
  7. Quit getting drunk and having conversations about people's mothers and you'll have much less hospital trips. Any ideas for the next meeting? Something without blue tooth maybe?
  8. There will always be vulnerabilities as long as new software comes out. Like Ohm said, it's an arms race. No one is losing, no one is winning. But as the security field develops, it will become less about the hardware and software and more about the human element. They say "There's no patch for human stupidity" for a reason.
  9. I know how you feel, I was supposed to go, but then I realized that Metra by my house doesn't run on Saturdays. Also my best friend bailed out.
  10. Security through obscurity is like having locks on all of the doors and windows on the 1st story of a warehouse, but then leaving the doors on the roof unlocked. People just tend to think "well, nobody will do that". This is usually effective, until somebody finds the unlocked door.
  11. Phreaknic sounnds extremely appealing to me. It's only in Tennessee, and its a lot cheaper than Defcon. It sounds like a fun time.
  12. Does anyone have an idea of the meeting time so I can plan my day accordingly?
  13. Nice pics, and for a cellphone nonetheless. I will never get over how bad ass Mitnick's calling card is.
  14. Somewhere in Millennium Park? War-train, anybody?