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  1. it might be cool for him to be on hacktv also but since hes famous for being a CRIMINAL like many of us except the famous part he migh not but it would be cool to at least try to get an interview. Stank and dual yall should try if you feel inclind to but its up to you raven
  2. you should see if they have a firewall on their computer rooms(most skools do now) but if you dont then go get the IPs and start printing shit to them all the time i tried this with my old skool to freak out my teacher but i was lazy and could not get pas the firewall but its worth a shot raven good job getting that many numbers thopugh it might be a little overkill
  3. very nice, a little emotionally disturbing but very nice raven
  4. i have noticed it also but since this is posted after the problem was explained its not relevent, but i personally think that the whole emiticon thing is overrated and overused but thats just me, could be it reminds me of the carebears stuff and i dont like cute and fluffy shit raven
  5. ok herez how it rollz i hate Xp and most microsoft crap but my linux is in ohio and im in arizona so i have to use xp for now, i want to fdisk but frm what i have read xp does not have this in dos cammand style like 98 did. i was told to use my bootable cd and it gives you the option but my copy is not completly legit and its not saying i can (i could just be blind) so any help in this would be awesome. Raven
  6. i have tried to format but it says can tdo that shit cuz drive is in use or its along those terms
  7. morning everyone just came to Pick at the dead
  8. i have not been able to find many ways on how to untap your cable modem, but i figured i would start this post so people could tell ways on how to do this so the world can know. As far as i know this is completly illegal where i live but thats oly if you actually do it. so just telling how and learning how is not illegal is it? not in my mind. i figured this would fit in the newb better cuz im a newb and thats where we post Raven
  9. Ok herz how it rolls as far as i know the closest 2600 meetin to me is in Phoenix AZ ( the AZ if you didnt know it was in Arizona) well i hate phoenix so i was wonderin if there was any way people would want to start one in PRESCOTT az, if you dont know where prescott is dont bother tryin to find it its not worth the time. -raven-
  10. ok herez how it rollz me being new to the whole phreaking thing and generaly anything related to phones i dont know much. So that being said can any one help explain how to wardial, ya know all the steps, tools, etc.... or even websites or books i would have to read and not be lazy would kick some ass. -raven-
  11. i found some schematics for a tool like this this summer i dont know if its still there but the site was www.phreak.org/archives/underground, they had a lot of stuff but some of it seemed to be at the level of the A-cookbook raven
  12. either would be cool just explain your favorite type and thats cool for me Raven
  13. uncap that too i was just having an alcholic moment raven
  14. recovery consol? will that completly erase my drive? raven
  15. and dont put how bad it is, cuz i know how bad it is i just like to know how to do everything, not actually do it all raven
  16. hey neuro (sorry if butchered name) you talkin about the gatewaymall? and if so what time on the fridays and what do i look for, or who? Do you live in Prescott or PV? cuz im in PV
  17. I did a really quick search on google with the fear of getting gay photos popping up all over my screen , luckily i did not, and i found that they are pretty much the same, but if someone else knows more then i found then please post oh yeah herez a photo i took off one site of the buttset -raven-
  18. error is correct buying music with cash is only a need if you really like the band or (fill in the blank) i personally never buy anything, i cheat i go to B&noble and pick a band i lke go to the listener thing and go to the bands that sound the same as the one i like, write them down and go p2p "BUY" it -raven-
  19. yeah thanx for answering my gay question, shortly after posting i found this info out, but as to my part of using it for phreaking, i mean not in the sense of getting free calls but can this be used to permently make the phone ring