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  1. i hate microsoft they only good thing they have is the X box, i dont know if it has been canned but have you guys heard of windows longhorn? from what i know its supposed to be the next version of windows, i have it its ok its kinda a prettier XP raven
  2. try getting nero ultimate 6 thats what i use and i have not had any problems with anything raven
  3. like he said itsnot really something you can be taught unless its in person, but even then its mostly reading and asking questions, trial and error raven
  4. i cant remember how much coverage winvnc can do. i know it covers lans but does anyone know if it covers wans. and by wide i mean almost the span of the continental us. i want to scare the shit out of my step sister if possible can any one help raven
  5. any choice sites to get sub 7? raven
  6. we should have everone email these people in one state so they get like a bajillion of the samee email cuz we can raven
  7. those dolls actuall came out like 8 years ago and no one liked them my friends sister had one and we would do wwf shit on her almost broke her in half it was funny if your diry like me raven
  8. i think its only happening in major cities raven
  9. be very ninja like, and if confronted just say you were doing research for class and wanted to use your labtop so you could skip printing out a bunch of stuff or some story like that raven
  10. we didnt notice it was that funny raven
  11. very nice i can actually use something i have seen relating to phone companies. just have to brush up on my SE raven
  12. very nice, some of the stuff sounds kinda hippie style like the food paret but overall not a bad book to just have for general reading purposes raven
  13. very nice but what actually ahppens to the stuff thats requested? raven
  14. my hands were still frozen, my heater in my room doesnt work to well so sorry and i did mean scare raven
  15. very nice site count some stuff thats worth tryin out raven
  16. thas shway it could almost be a tshirt i wanna find random stuff like that raven
  17. the book google hacks might be helpfull for this topic they tell how to specify searches. you can find it on ebook form somewhere raven
  18. that sucks my tracphone is to old, the only problem with this whole thing is that trac phone sucks ass but if you get it for free it doesnt really matter cuz its free raven
  19. very shway the possibilities that things can be used for are awesome. things just keep getting better raven
  20. i know just steal their real mail, ha ha ha no hes right its relativily pointless you get the same penis enlargement adds raven
  21. crazy stuff i never wanted to get in that much trouble i would just make easy macros like beep loops so when word was opened it sounded like the computer was dying, or make a self replicating bat that goes of on a timer to fill the drive with invisible bat files, real simple shit but its less trouble and at most skools teachers are dumb and dont know what to do. i used net send once and my teacher freaked out cu he didnt know what was happining. i find that funny cuz doesnt it say the computer name at the top of the message box. and these people are giving us our education raven
  22. theres no generation gap we have something in common he likes mr rogers and i used to watch him so now we have that settled we can still film him. and if you guys disagree i might just cry. i hate you i hate you and i hope you die. and the hack tve thing was a suggestion but you conference thing sounds pretty inviting so you had the better idea raven
  23. Heres how it rollz my friend showed me how to send an email to someone and have it show a bogus address or no address so you (unless actually tried) would not know who really sent it. I remember going through the Dos cmd window and typing it all in there. From what i know it has to do with the very basic form that a company gives you your own email address. Im sure it wont take much to remind me but any help would be awesome. Plus you can do cool shit if you know how, we sent my friend one and said it was mpaa and it freaked him out and i wanna do it a gain raven
  24. thanx it will help cuz most of my friends are the civi population so it will be cool the play with them even thought it is getting old so are most fun ways to do shit all the stuff we know of is starting to get outdated but it will all change for our benefit cuz with technology comes stupidity raven
  25. i second that word usage raven