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  1. dont know if this is a known site or if anyone gives a shiat but, here it isTweakXP.com its filled with little things that are usefull but i never gave a shit to try to figute out, but in the end its just an xp mod site, it passes the time though raven
  2. i think that was covered in th hacking the look article in 2600 but im not sure if it also reffered to ME, but windows is good to have weither dualbooteed or standalone just cuz everything is for that and not linux yet raven
  3. also its FREE so its mot like your losing a bunch of money on it, we all just need to say if i get it that kicks ass and if not..........TO DAMN BAD IT WAS FREE!!!!!!!!
  4. Hell yeah that would kick, what would really help is if you could get the support of pc magazines, and stuff, if a maga zines showed and had booths it would help more 1337 people show up but if it happens ill be there raven
  5. Due to high demand, American Express is no longer offering the Stand-Alone USB Reader or CompaqTM Reader Keyboard. If you are still interested in obtaining a Smart Card Reader free of charge, the Stand-Alone Serial Reader(s) are still available (while supplies last). DAMN NAZIS takin all the good stuff!!!!!!!!!! raven
  6. yeah thats a low keay good idea, thats what i was gonna do just drill out the middle of one, but then i thought what size is it, i cant tink right off hand, does anybody knoow the size and american or Metric? raven
  7. ok you can laugh at me cuz i am, ok you know how you can get your phone line to go through your computer so you use your mic and talk and you call other phones(not other pcs) and like when your phone rings you can answer it on your box, wheres one i can use(like what program) or is it defaulted into WindoWs. i want it so i can just record the conversations and not have to Micrig everything. once again feel free to roll around laughing at the stupid little fat kid (not talking directly about me) raven
  8. ok i have it on gay pro WindoWs. but soo i shall transfer to the renegade linux (mandrake).....off topic linux commercials, starting to be played more!!!!!!!! yes down with WindoWs raven
  9. hah i forgot total recorder was not free, thats what i use and its cool, but that tripped me about about the whole not free thing i cant remember when i bought software, what about yall, and that avatars the best thing since internet pRon raven
  10. ok i am looking for places that will help me learn more about tty phreaking, and am not having much luck. nuero has helped me some but i feel lika an ass asking only him all the time, so if anyone knows info that will help me learn more about tty phreaking plz tell raven
  11. i just got a copy of Fedora and i was wondering all your alls stance on the quality of this issue, please gimmie your points you like or hate just so i can see how this stands with the world. raven
  12. basically i am a complete newb at phreaking and i am trying to learn more, but most of the things i know are out of date im told, IE redboxing payphones, i got the tones on my computer and have also put them on my minidisk, now is it worth it to try it on phones, and if i do try and it doesnt work will a opp come on the line and bitch me out (thats still fun)?? raven
  13. did you actually record it if so you should let us hear it some time for fun, i got that call one time and I was like im really poor and the guys like well you can do installments then........he would not let me be, good i dea for this is to have you line be on a pc phone so you can record it and play it back to them so they get the shadow game but its them playing themselves. raven
  14. is it just me or did anyone notice that his phone SIEMEN yeah its spelt diffrent but it sounds the same raven
  15. sweet ass neuro, ill have to get that from yall, now for another question what about LINDOWS, i have it and have never heard crap about it except the lawsuit thingy, does it suck ass or what? raven
  16. sound major ghetto but i have found that my phonebook (yellowpages) has most of the codes and stuff like that. raven
  17. awesome ass cover, you can buy the hard style ones, how many do you make so i know how fast i need to scrape money together before they run out raven
  18. for some reason im being gay and cant find a completly fre key logger, and i cant write well enought o make one so if yall could tell me where i can get one that would be cool. i need to drop it on the schools computers, so one that can be put on a lower account that records adminstrator activity would be what i want. i have physical acces through a very secure link ( afriend) so if yall can direct me thnkz I am: Pfour My ip is:> i am at bradshaw mountain high school in the photo room, come play on me but dont destroy raven
  19. why dont you just send a mass pm like spam style telling us all cuz that would be cool, if not drop me a pm also man raven
  20. ok get HALO i dont care what yall say its an kick ass game raven
  21. ok i know this is an old artocle, a lot of you might have even read it before, bit given this i figured it was atleast good for a few laughs: Linux for the lame raven
  22. i think its ME but i willhave my link check and make sure raven
  23. they suck ass but the they are small, those 3 in one cams,or you could get the canon elf cuz its frikken awesome, but digital im not all up to speed on im a 35 junkie in a digital world raven
  24. you mostly would need a rolling can, some dektol, some photo flow, some stop and fix, and the developing times for you film. and the camera i understood you wanted was a pin hole camera where the pics that come out suck ass. most 35 cameras are not pocket size but you could try one of the cheap 10 dollar ones at kmart, and if you develop it yourself you most likely will only be able to shoot B&W because color is a bitch to do by hand. Truely you really need a whole dark room to get what you would really want but if your content with just the negatives then, follow what i said if you really want to skip the store then digital is the way to go, thats hard to say cuz im a neg fanatic. raven if you really want it i can figure out exactly what you need and the cost
  25. are the conf still going to be happining every night on that same 413 number or have they/will they stop? raven