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  1. my box is under xp and others get on it, is ther a way to lock the drives so they can only access the xp games and the web (there not very computer lit) i want it to have no access to my c drive and the cd drive to not work for them, how the hell would i do this?
  2. for all those az people hers one:Arizona Linux User Groups Phoenix Linux User Group Location: Phoenix, Arizona Website: http://plug.phoenix.az.us/ Contact: Rusty Carruth Email: n7ikq@qso.com Linux User's Group of Yavapai Location: Yavapai County, Arizona Website: http://chips.dyndns.com/~lugy/ Contact: none Email: lugy@chips.dyndns.com Yuma Area Linux User Group (LUG) Location: Yuma, Arizona Website: http://happy.digitaldune.net/ Contact: none Email: lug@happy.digitaldune.net
  3. i remember hearing that there is a book called something like x box hacks, or mods, something like that, anyone know what im babbling about from what i hear its really good, fouind this again in fall 2003 of 2600 theres an xbox mod article, its a little vague but might help, it says to check out www.xbox-scene.com, www.gamebuy.com, and www.exemulation.com
  4. i have not found a topic relating to this, so i have a usb jump drive, its belkin, and its plug and play for xp, it needs a driver for 98 and 95, i have not found a linux driver, does anyone know where this is at, it is not picking it up that it exists in my mandrake, i want this so i can easily transfer files from my win partion to my linux partition, ive checked belkin.com the have all windows, mac and a pc
  5. wtf i must be really stupi or something, i have got the drivers for my vid card mentioned earlier, from the site mentioned earleir, but i have no idea hoe to install them, the guide i got from that site is not really helping me , i need to be walked through step by step, any one care to walk an retard thgough this?
  6. didnt they set up a box once and had people hack to it, whoever could mod it the best or have it do something cool won a prize
  7. now is THE SKATEBOARD MAGAZINE the actual name, cuz i skate and i dont recall that mag, i could just be dumb though. cuz the name might lead us to a site that has the article..............hey it could happen
  8. that is by far the single greatest thing i have ever heard
  9. someday i will know what im doing in linux untill then im kinda just learning from mistakes, but i have got pengaol and i cant seem to figure out how to install it, i got a tuturial from slinux.net i think thats the site and it probably works but i cant get it to, has anyone ever loaded this and can help or can you just help my dumb ass
  10. ok i have just found a few sites that said you can install aol thats 7.0 and down no newer ones will work, can anyone verify this? and is gaim in linux or is it a soft dl i have to find?
  11. well if it has an auto run my kde is not doing it, and im not sure if i mounted the disc mostly because im not sure if what im thinking is what you mean (no perversion in that what so ever)
  12. once again linux has shown how stupid and how much i have no clue about it. well saying this and that its to easy to burn me im going to ask, is there like an auto run for linux like on windows, because certain programs i can not get to start and they are linux compataible as far as i know, and also does any one know if i can go global on hell-ol in linux cuz thats what my family is using(not my choice)
  13. sorry............its a ati radeon 9200 video card, a standard generic modem, an ethernet card, i think the sound card is already compatable, and a belkin usb pci card
  14. i cant seem to find the site that offers drivers for my video card and other pci type things, does anybody know where this is at? im runnin mandrake
  15. i got it and it works well, no another problem!!!! my linux intelligence is basically extremly limited to that i know about two things. when i start it up it loads, i have the option to boot windows, linux, linuxfb. fail safe, and floppy when i choose any of the linux options (linux is deafult choice) it boots but not into the gui its all script, dos style, so i type in my localhost name and password the it says my name and lets me type the command, my question is how do i get to the gui from ther what commands?