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  1. I ran shell acounts for awhile, and it was cool, but I kept the creation of user acounts down to me and a few others. There needs to be a certain amount of trust going on between you and the users otherwise your systems will be just used as a bounce. You need to think strongly about want you want to offer, service wise eggdrop, websites etc, BBS perhaps. When running shells security is real important even if just to cover your own ass
  2. They are not complied, and not binary, just plain old ascii. Shell scripts are interpreted by the shell(a compiled binary)ie. bash, and processed just like perl and other interpreted languages. As to running the script xss should run it along as the script has been chmod +x, if it refuses try adding a shell first like xterm -e script.sh
  3. This issue has happened to me everytime i've used partiton magic witch thankfully is only a handful of times. I just boot the XP cd, head for the recovery console and run chkdsk. NTFS is such a shit filesystem, you have to scan it, defrag it etc etc, before you can even think of making new slices. I detest M$ and windows if I ever have to deal with a windows box in this regard, I just backup the drive if needed and blow it away, or use the one of the BSD tools. NTFS--
  4. I have no sympathy (for the uni), what were they doing holding all that data. I mean biometrics thats a bit much. If you ask me its another damn good reason, why the only person who should stock pile personal info is yourself. I bet we'll be seeing a lot more of this kind of attack. I think uni's and places like that should instist that the students have a pgp key or something, and goes without saying on stored records
  5. Oh dear..
  6. Just the PS1 and sometimes CLI colors as FreeBSD has no color coding by default, and I like the colors! The odd alias too.
  7. Yeah the best thing to do is to drop the font size in the style file, or check the anti-aliasing that has affected font size on a few of my boxes. Plus you should install the artwiz fonts that makes a big difference to some themes
  8. It's prob a good idea to ask your self why you want to learn, If your generaly intrested in computers and infomation systems, then just find an area the catches your eye and follow it. If your learning 'stuff' to impress your mates you wont be around long.
  9. http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ man pages are prob the easyest
  10. Alot of routers switches etc drop icmp packets. They can be used to carry a payload, as well as be part of DoS attacks My fav is ICMP for 'telnet' like connetions using control messages such as echo request/echo reply. Off topic i know but thought i'd mention it
  11. Yeah theres alot of these types of sites poping up i joined http://www.rootcontest.org/ just as it started, was fun for awhile. witch has user donated boxes. Theres also sites like 'hellboundhackers' and 'hack this site' witch just seem to be a hive for skiddys.
  12. This is the basic. Currently im using my ThinkPad laptop with a ralink pcmcia wifi card + kismet and ethereal on freeBSD 6.0
  13. Ex-corp boxes are good, they're dirt cheap and in good nick. I got my ThinkPad T-23 1.3Ghz, 512Ram, 40Gig HD with a case and free shipping for £300 When it arrived the only thing that gave away it wasnt new was the box it came in.
  14. I just started my wardriving a few weeks ago, with my new Thinkpad and a ralink pcmcia card. Picked up 108 networks just today witch is pritty good i think considering is live in a small town
  15. LinNeighborhood is a good tool to use, its a basic GTK app with all the functions you'll need. If your new to this sort of thing Lin-Neighorhood and swat, should sort you out ok