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  1. i'm down for it.
  2. mut3 is game for anything at this point.
  3. http://www.hometech.com/infrared/emitters.html googled for "infrared prism". Theres a little sticker thing that goes over recievers to get a better signal in, but this will work in reverse and emit, hopefully, omnidirectional. Give it a shot.
  4. YES, YES, and YES. The main part is in the hara arena, the main enterance. There's a indoor stadium where all the hot shot ham radio compaines show off their newest equipment. All the side wings of the place have booths ranging from small companies to bigger ones as well. I always do one big sweep of all the rooms to see whats up. Computer builders are becoming much more prominent. Now, just step outside, but 1st close your eyes. Take a deep breath, then open. For as far you can see, STUFF. Its all people that drove all their junk and got a park n sell booth at hamvention. Some of the stuff is worthless (2 dollar UPSes ? ), but some of the indivduals have some grey area merch that can be had cheap. All in all, its a great time!
  5. frequency counters! these little guys are mostly used for figuring out what signals are in circuits, but attach an antenna and you find out whose talking around you! optoelectronics makes a bunch, from simple ones to high end ones with memories and extra features. Their Cub, a simple but tough guy that I own, can be had for <100 bucks if you keep an eye out.
  6. YES YES FUCKING YES. we have a idiot in this area who has no licence and a radio, he enjoys broadcasting music on the local repeaters and being a jackass. Its only a matter of time before he is caught, and when, not if, when he is caught, the fines are rather large for broadcasting without a licence. also, you mentioned police radio, are you looking for a ham radio, or a scanner? Hey, if you want, we can go DF (direction find) him. Its really alot of fun when you show up at peoples' houses and tell them to knock it off!
  7. you can always cover them in epoxy like the big guys.... I worry that a sanding could kill the IC.
  8. Great questions! Lets get some answers: 1) Hand held xcievers (HTs) are all usually <300$. Almost all radios are dual band, some even go triple (144 and 440 being standard, 6m, 220mhz, or even 1.2 ghz being the 3rd band option). I do some satelite work, and you want to hear yourself on the other side of the satelite (kind of like a repeater, with 2 frequences, but with the satelite you want to make sure you are actually talking to it ) so you want to get 2 radios or get one radio that is full duplex (talk and hear at the same time, needs headphones of course). Some radios say full-dup, but they lie. Icom w32a is a true full duplex(which i own). I had a Icom t7h, and a kenwood f6a for a week till it was stolen. All great radios. Check out www.hamradio.com or www.gigaparts.com , and dont forget ebay.com or even the message boards at qrz.com . The latter two have great prices. 2) Im sure it is possible. Some all band multimode (fancy way of saying all HF ham bands on voice, CW, data) rigs have tx/rx mods which would open this up. mods.dk is the place to be for that. Good luck on your tests! The morse code part of the test is quite easy, so dont sweat of that part!
  9. The point of autopatch is mainly emergencies. Sure you cannot do real business on a repeater, but thats not the point. Its unencrypted, unreliable, but it will help you when you really need it. I am currently working on a project to get Asterisk hooked up to a club's repeater. Merk: look into local ham clubs. Start asking questions. They will notice you, if you are any younger than 30. Most of the clubs want younger people becuase they want to pass on the knowledge. They may even let you play with the repeater. If you are looking for something fun to do, try googling IRLP.
  10. Uh, try again. I can talk to the Russians for about 200 bucks.
  11. uhhhhh.... After looking at that radio, I gotta change my pants.
  12. Big potentiometer? Sorry to break it to you, but you tune radios with variable capactiors, not reisitors. Today's handhelds are so damn small becuase of SMD (surface mount) componets. The HF radios today are still humongous. If you really wanna build something, search online for kits. There are alot of kits available for recieve or transceive <100, sometimes <50 dollars. You will need a decent soldering iron, and in some cases test equipment. If you don't want that, decent HTs can be had for 100 or so dollars. You can also check hamfests for cheap equipment. It might not work, and it might be as heavy as a boat anchor.
  13. hamfests! old people willing to give the young'ns something cheap...well some of them atleast. http://www.arrl.org/hamfests.html
  14. i am active as a ham on the OSCARs (Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio). A0-51 is where it is at.
  15. they barely announced h2k4 before it went down. You will probably see something boiling in January or a month from that.