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  1. most DVD players can be unlocked using the remote, (google for it) eg
  2. why was she not charged? isnt this terrorizm?
  3. So you have the opportunity to get a message to the world , by hacking mitnicks site , knowing full well that this is a grate story for the press. You could chose to make a statement about the inequality in the world , or how governments are repressing creative minds. Or better still tell the world that i haven't hit puberty yet and that i would like to have sex with old people! Wow 1337 .... i don't condone this type of defacement but if your going to do it do something that has meaning. Wasted opportunity!!!
  4. yep it's a faraday's cage .. you can EMP them too. see here
  5. 1337 ninja skilz..... no it was some kids
  6. ..... and got a free ride pic1 , pic2
  7. yer yer yer me to, me to. i dont know any hackers here, so i am getting drunk on my own...... this sucks so if any one elce wants to chill get drunk whatever . hit me up i just got a phone for dc14 (702) 3366790...... arrrr god dam im drunk. ill be at the gig at about 10am fri......... see ya --------------- dylan
  8. head out as a group! good plan if we go to a buffett, i can sometimes get a locals discount
  9. ok i have a new guy living at my place, who spends his life playing WoW , my network is now slow as hell, and he smells, and "can't" get a job. etc is it possable to criple his conection just for that game, so that it apears like the game server is running slow, not my network ?
  10. Thursday im going to the toxic bbq
  11. WTF? the FCC no its not. a ham radio licence will not allow you to manufacture a wifi card for genral public use that operates at 2 frq and has a singal external conector. this is for obvious reasons, as a ham you know why . BTW it is also legal to sell crack if you have a licence, but that has nothing to do with this post, well done on you licence btw i am vary impressed, i bet you drive a big truck
  12. not true , my router has the option b/g/mixed. most 'g' networks are in fact 'mixed' b&g. i have my router set to 'g' and i cant acess it using my old 'b' card. and yes i can crack wep using this
  13. yer then get drunK. the buffet at mirage is good but on fri its going to cost aprox 20/30. mirage buffet
  14. yes but FCC regulations don't alow for external conectors on a/b/g, so you will have to mod one, easy. i use the orinoco a/b/g gold card, 8480-wd , and i have attached an external anenner. however i have never found a 5ghz network . so if i was going to get a new card it would just be a b/g (n)