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  1. I there any way I can trick Dreamweaver CS4 into thinking I have 512 mb installed instead of 225mb of ram? It refuses to install because of the low ram.
  2. Hey guys. I am currently Googling for blogger templates. I don't have a clue about XML and when I copy and paste template codes directly into Blogger there is always some sort of coding problem which denies the template from being added. Does anyone know any good template sites which don't have this problem...that the code can be pasted directly into blogger and works. Basically templates which are coded correctly, according to
  3. Hey guys, What are the cheapest domain name registrars out there that are actually worthwhile and don't try to bill you for random crap that you didn't ask for
  4. Since google updated, I can't download videos anymore Any suggestions on how to download their videos? example: How do I download this?
  5. mi cmd prmpt iz red so im beter. :pirate:
  6. Ok. I was drunk. I changed my zyxel prestige 600 router password and instantly forgot it >.< Any suggestions? *EDIT* And no I'm not trying to hax0r someone... resetting isn't an option...
  7. I wonder if they're gonna make an afro <.<
  8. "Fight the deceitful New World Order" Yeh I am...but it's tough though... You get hated quickly
  9. But it has been decided since 2005...
  10. <3 x 1337
  11. I voted 'no' I think any blogger would be crazy not to >.>
  12. The guy that owned 7 even said that he gave the order to demolish it @.@
  13. The BBC can see into the future. </subject>
  14. typed a string of text in google a year ago ended up here
  15. this is sycorax... or's the second moon of uranus if that's what you meant "recover my files" "pc inspecter smart recovery"