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  1. Think Secret dropped out of court because Apple paid the owner a handsome settlement. No suit was won.
  2. joo didn't hear it from me either!

  3. true but thats only because they wrote the program to use low memory if you put double, tripple, 10 times the streaming proccess units to work and do it faster. and whats the point of bench marking? i mean if you get a cpu with like 1gb of ram and a good asus video card with 800streaming proccess units you'll run any game you can buy at full speed if your cpu is fast at all. i mean cool u get 70 out of 60 fps second the cpu will just draw ten frames of the same picture you wont get any better resolution or anything. if you wanted you could get ahold of some company and have them build you a hd tv with like 12,800 7,800 pixels or soemthing and write your own game to support it and then bench mark or write your own game with better fps like 120fps but then again whats the poing in that your eye can only see so many frames in a second so wouldnt make a giant difference What?
  4. It sounds like motorcycles near a base station. Running them around the transmitters caused fucked up interference throughout the valley on the radio where I live, because of the interference from older bikes' spark plugs.
  5. Another process of distillation is centrifugal. Then again, not everyone has access to a centrifuge...
  6. I've had emails stating that the person would not do business with me based on the XOM Reviews site comments. Xmitman ....are you slow? The guards are most appreciated when they slay the lion loose in the streets. The guards are most appreciated because nobody knows they released the lion. THE DUDE POSTING THE BAD REVIEWS EMAILED YOU.
  7. An unsolicited incoming ARP reply is usually how ARP spoofing is accomplished. There's no mechanism telling your PC not to say "Oh, that's not the real switch," and so your machine switches who it's sending all of its traffic to. Most firewalls and such block unsolicited incoming ARP replies.
  8. Srsly Ohm, I think you have some head waiting for you if you visit these kids.
  9. Go to college as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. It's what I'm doing, and what you're describing is pretty much what I do.
  10. HAY BINREV CREW! I'm heading out tomorrow morning at 3 AM, should be in Vegas by noonish. Now, I'm not positive on my sleeping situation (as the plans made might not go through, who knows), so if anyone might have a place for me to crash, could you drop me a PM with your #? Thanks!
  11. I'm going to the Toxic BBQ hopefully, and then I'll be spending time in the LP village
  12. BITCHES! I's goin'!
  13. 2048 bit Open PGP & 128 bit SSL
  14. No, students pay the IT bill, students pay the tution, students pay service fees. It is the students that pay for the school and its internet connection. Also, if you ever go away to a college where you live in a dorm on campus, you will see that blocking certain sites on their network pretty much makes them off limits to you. You act as if it is different from what the chinese do, because the chinese do it on a larger scale. If there is a problem with people hoarding bandwidth, then restrict the amount that some people can use... the problem pretty much goes away. They might as well start installing surveillance cameras to make sure students aren't goofing off when they should be studying... This is college, they have no right to tell a student what he should or should not be doing. If I am paying many thousands of dollars a year to go to a school with an information technology fee on top of it all, I should be able to watch a little porn and read the websites I want. As for your question, would it be censorship for the school to not provide internet access? The answer is yes, IF the school does it intentionally. A girl I went to high school with had a religious father who would prevent her from reading Harry Potter books and would burn clothes he thought were unsuitable (for the slightest reasons). Her father acted as a censor. Just because you think that the censorship is morally justified does not mean it is not censorship! IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! Honestly. Don't bitch about what they do with your money, especially when you signed up *knowing* what was going to happen. You gave it to them and they were up front with the fact that you would not be allowed to look at your furry love. I'm sick and tired of people bitching about an organization not doing what they think it should do. You're not in control as soon as you sign their terms of service, that's why you sign! You have the ability to make decisions. You weren't forced into spending your money at that college. If that's a big enough bone for you to pick at, go somewhere else or talk to the IT people and try to change it, or do SOMETHING other than complain. End of rant.
  15. I *might* be coming. wooo.