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  1. that helps alot... i guess i can play counter-strike by wine... yaaaaay ^^
  2. i have kubuntu 6.10 with 1 HDD... an ntfs partition (WindowsXP) and the linux partition i can read data from my ntfs partition... but is there a way to write to it? and if there is can you tell me how? sanks
  3. is there a way to make sure? just to give it to my friend in his face
  4. my friend asked me if there's a way to retreive a deleted email from hotmail account... even if it was deleted from the trash... and before that in few minutes someone told me there IS a way but didn't tell me how... and i dont take his word on that... so.. is there actually a way? and if there is i'd like to know how... sanks
  5. hi guys... i have a webmail server that only allows 5 accounts... is there anyway i can install another mail server in my site so i could create as much accounts as possible? and if there is can you point to some good and free ones? "and it'll be much better if it has the webmail access so my people can access it anywhere they want" thanks bunchies
  6. how can i connect 2 laptops or more via wireless without any access point? i know its somethin' related to that ad-hoc but i'm totally clueless... assume we're all dealin' with WinXP PRO
  7. I saw this on the ClamWin site: I'll use it AND another anti-virus... AVG or NOD32? Thaaaat is the question
  8. good an opensource AV... i'm tryin' to collect as much opensource programs as possible for windows thanks i'll google it and download it... i only have 15mins left in my lappy
  9. hi guys... i need some recommendation from you all I have windowsXP and I started to untrust my free-avg antivirus... and i'm an anti-norton and anti-mcafee any antivirus to recommend? thanks
  10. i have my own LAN in my house to mess around with and i was thinkin' of a way to redirect all the network to my pc so i could monitor the traffic from my pc. i browsed google and found out that there's some ARP-TOOLS but didn't have any idea how it works or the theory in that. any help?
  11. i guess i'll go with arduino right now... seems better
  12. i started to think of learnin' some about PIC stuff... like... microcomputer chips and stuff... i know i sound lame and so n00bish... anyways... anyone got a good tutorial (that he actually learned from) talkin' about PIC and how to use'em for n00BS? i so wanna learn the good way (i'm not talkin' about the easy nor the cheap... just the good way) thanks
  13. for those who wants to know what that damn site is all about: its just a lame site with chattin' thingy and some lame forums with adds and stuff... they choosed pink to attract girls to the java chat thingy... i dont know about the owners but i'm sure they're just skiddies since thats their website... i'm telling you because i know how most of arabic site owners think... l4m0rz and yea i'm kuwaity and i'm %100 arabic ... and i'm sure that that 7ooroman is so lame to choose pink and put lotsa flashy thingy and moving flashes and using that stuff thinkin' they'll attract and i think they just started to run that site
  14. con

    someone told me that its impossible to create the folder "con" in windows... i tried the normal way, the mkdir way and vb6 way i dont know why it cant be created so anyone knows please lemme know sanks
  15. I searched in the registry but couldn't find anythin'... i tried to google it but no luck... if anyone know how to do that please let me know... i dont want to depend on other programsi want to know where are the passwords stored sanks