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  1. ooh, dis is all drama!

  2. You know, I'm skeptical of the data mining claim...there are far more reliable sources for such data than a field where anonymous people enter arbitrary information.
  3. Clearly, adding more poutine will fix this problem.
  4. *meekly adds comment*

  5. Well, there's your answer
  6. You might be interested in the following: I contemplated collecting GPS waypoints for each of the telephones, but then I never got around to it; YAPL does offer a map based on the phone's street address. Also, just a semantic note: no one in the telephone industry calls these things "Fortresses" - that's one surefire way to label yourself as someone who's read way too many of those poorly-written and very inaccurate text files
  7. Considering that 4ESS is approaching 31 years since its first deployment, I'm actualy surprised that the switch is still in such heavy use. Anyway, apart from the lack of the phased announcement system, 5ESS is much nicer. I forget, but I /think/ the latest version of 5ESS can do VoIP with the right modules and program load.
  8. It sounds like you've been reading those craptacular phreak kiddie text files from the 1980s. The only place you're going to find a crossbar, step, or panel office in North America these days is in a museum. The entire North American network is digitally switched now, save for about 100-150 1AESS offices still in service. Welcome to the future; please enjoy your stay.
  9. Yeah, god forbid you should just get switched long distance and use calling party number presentation restriction.
  10. Lately I've been giving teliax a try; they seem to be pretty damned reliable.
  11. My conference is back up, albeit on a new number: (218) 339-8477 Please stress-test my connection; I just had my DSL upgraded to the fastest available package and I'm eager to see how much traffic I can fit on it.
  12. It's hilarious - of course, you know you're a phone geek when this (1) makes perfect sense and (2) you spot all the mistakes.
  13. Something similar occasionally happens on my mobile phone; I blame faulty TDM switching equipment somewhere in the connection.
  14. Hey, isn't that my photo in your avatar?
  15. My guess is either that the speaker is broken, there's a trace that's been damaged on the PCB, or that the battery connection is somehow faulty.