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  1. Ah, ok. I don't remember that but since I've got it working quite a few times, I must have known that at some point. Thanks for the refresher and the help. Much appreciated.
  2. If there's one thing that makes me feel like an idiot, it's forgetting how to manipulate a program. This isn't my first time running Linux and it won't be the last. The problem I'm having is simple. I'd forgotten how to get from the darkstar login shell to the desktop shells, such as KDE and GNOME. Anyone relatively familiar with the program that can refresh me?
  3. Well, my school has sucessfully blocked the more obvious of CGIProxies and wall avoidant websites - such as wallpass.net and perlproxy.com. Does anyone know any obscure web based CGIProxies to bypass security systems such as SonicWALL?
  4. Thanks, I gathered that the chips would be rather old since I had practically picked them up off the street. Unfortunately I don't have a motherboard they'd fit to to test them, but I had also found some relatively good internal cd drives and found their drivers recently. I'll be testing those on the piece of junk computer I own, since my test computer's power source is dead. I'm relatively good at computer architecture, but I lack the knowledge of chipware and the names of various architectural structures in computers. Not to mention I'm a dunce when it comes to networking and ports.
  5. Hey, I'm relatively new here (stating the obvious is my expertise). I just need some scraps identified, and I thought this a good place to start since I am a 'Nubie'. The first part is a Creative Technologies creation (yes, I know, redundant) 1991 chip. I haven't the slightest clue what it's for. -Model Number --CI 1350A -© Creative Technology PTE LTD 1991 -Pictures --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/Picture1.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/ports.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/bottomchip.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/comp.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/produ.jpg ---If you can't read it, it says EL 218 The second is a video card, the producer's name is unfamiliar to me. Яﻟ fimd 102-94VO -Pictures --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/bottom.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/fimdport.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/fimdprodu.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/fimdtop.jpg The third chip looks like a fax modem chip to me, but I'm not absolutely positive. The labels on the back have been torn and are useless to identify the chip. FM-8818 -Pictures --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/FMbottom.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/FMport.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/FMprodu.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/FMtop.jpg The next looks like a graphics card, but then again, if I knew, I wouldn't be asking. Meteor_Pro -Meteor/PPB/RGB -MFG P/N --METEOR/PPB/RGB -S/N --AN67441 M016470 -MATROX 690-01 -Rev --C -Pictures --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/METbottom.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/METport.jpg --http://xs74.xs.to/pics/06130/METtop.jpg I realize that the pictures are horribly blurry, but it's the best I could do at the time with my p.o.s. digicam. Anyway, hope someone can help me out, any information that isn't here would be quite useful.