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  1. Ok First off dont flame me! ok good. now I dont know much about this topic, but I was just reading over some stuff about buffer overflow just in general. When I came to ping buffer overflow? I was just wondering what it is all about? and just a wild guess, does it mean that you could maybe ping someones linux or wind0$ box and crash their system? I dunno... Well flame me, or educate me with some knowledge on this topic. Shad0w :cuss:
  2. Ok well google is a nice thing, but just incase you didn't google it: VLC Media Player HomePage How To DL Yahoo/Or AnyType of Movie.... Shad0w :cuss:
  3. Haha Venom its all good bro! But I love my little :cuss: guy, hes l33t! haha! Shad0w :cuss: PS: StankDawg you are da man! :cuss:
  4. Sign me up! Sounds like a good Idea bro! Shad0w :cuss:
  5. HAHA venom...I'm not a noob I already know about google mining....I know about it so much that It's practly a 2nd language to me. I just posted to this because I was board bro....GeZE...don't be so "i'm gonna call you a n00b" happy. Shad0w :cuss:
  7. Why dont you just use VLC Media Player? you can DL practly any type of movie off of any site. Shad0w :cuss:
  8. Thanks kynan, but if you were trying to piss me off with your post: Step 1) Learn How to piss me off. Step 2) Learn the definition of the word amiable. Shad0w :cuss: Sorry if this was not descriptive enough. But really...thanks. :mumble:
  9. lol ok well basically refering to another post a person found a "hidden" directory on this web site . now im trying to find out how he found the directory on that web site. and yes i know about ".." Shad0w :cuss:
  10. I'm having some issues trying to learn about Directory Transversal but I can't find any good information about it on the net. Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction? Shad0w :cuss:
  11. This is not big but any information is good information. I constantly listen to Yahoo Radio and I don't feel the need to pay for the radio service, just so I can be able to skip songs whenever I want. So as a remedy to my slight problem, I found out that Yahoo sets their 3 skip and hour rule to the users computer internal clock. So basically all a person has to do to get around their 3 skips is just change either the time bt an hour or just completely change their date on their computer by one day. And then there ya go. You have some more skips. Now the thing with Yahoo is that the longer that you listen to the radio the more skips you accumulate. So they say. But yeah this may not be a BIG thing to other people but its pretty big to me when i'm listening to Yahoo radio at work or at home. Shad0w :cuss:
  12. haha thanks guys. lol dont get mad hbp71605....haha it will be ok
  13. Anyone know where I can get a good brute force program? lol I'm being lazy right now cause i'm tired and I don't feel like programming one right now. But if you guys have any suggestions thanks in advance!
  14. First of all let me start by saying thanks for all of the replies! But basically the only browsers that I want to block is opera and firefox. This is the situation. I found some major flaws in my schools website and i'm going to let them know how to fix thoes flaws, come monday. But the other issue is that if they could block users from using a firefox or opera browser then ppl wouldnt be able to plagurize and copy articles from the e-libary that the school provides. They have so many ways of stopping ppl from copying the e-books, it's just that I found a hole in the system involving the firefox browser and opera one as well. So yeah, that's the situation. :cuss:
  15. I'm just wondering, confirming and asking...isn't there a way to block people from using a specific web browser from viewing a site. For example, if binrev didn't want to allow people to view their site with anyother browser but IE, isn't there come coding for that? if so what is the code for that? :usuck: