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  1. this is a good point that was written off as a useless post...why does he have to be a hacker? I think anyone with 2 fingers can use a keyboard and type something such as that. Why not a disgruntled worker? PseudoKroW: banks hold peoples money, you fuck with peoples money they get pissed. They would own you just as much as the goverment ERROR!
  2. Ive been wanting to see a prject like this for a while. As sub said there are time I just want to say something but don't really know where it should go. I would be very interested in helping with this project. ERROR!
  3. With the help of replax I learned Perl this summer. I was reading the oreilly stuff but its really dry and I wasnt understanding. Then I tried 'Learn Perl in 21 days'. Its alot better, So much easier to read and understand. Once you learn it those oreilly books will make alot more sense and serve as a really in depth reference. On topic: Nice bot man, love those things ERROR!
  4. Camtasia Studio is awesome, I use it alot. I love that program. Wish I had more ram and processor power to use it for games but it will do everything else perfect. ERROR!
  5. I made a post about this in the phreaking forums...o well guess correct forums are no matter ERROR!
  6. read this on /. linky. Seems kinda nice excep the cost part...5 cents a minute is a bit much for spoofing.... ERROR!
  7. I am at school and found this /. article about Lexmark Here. The appeal was turned down, basicly saying that if you make a hardware layer to only allow your product the DMCA won't aid you in stopping competition. I was thinking that this would also allow manufactures of DVD players (both hardware and software) to circumvent the restrictions to allow play. Any discussion on this would be very welcome. When I get home I will check back and reply in depth (filters here...) ERROR!
  8. he doesnt look like jack osbourne but his 'friend' accident does doug: i like how all the links point to the REAL site ERROR!
  9. 2.6.9 is out woot!!! so going to try this tomarrow everyone get it now. ERROR!
  10. Thanks I will look into those. BTW since everyone seems to be pro me sticking with explorer or linux. Anyone know how to edit the right click menu? I think its called the context menu in shellx but Im not sure. ERROR!
  11. Well Im getting kinda tired of explorer and its massive resource usage so Im looking for something else. I have looked around before but what I have found has always either not worked at all or been fucked in one one respect or another. These include BB4Win, Cloud9, Bluebox, and alot more I dont remember. If anyone has one that they actually use and like could you put up a link? ERROR!
  12. Perl is your answer!!!! heh, just get activestate and run with it. Scheduleing without the scheduler might be kinda tricky would always make the script check the current time and run accordingly. ERROR!
  13. I dont know about the rules but it looks like you only have two options, come in through a different box or get psychical access... ERROR!
  14. Ya I was reading that in school today, sounds really interesting. Might have to give it a try in a few months. Not to be an ass but the 80% hardware speed is kinda sucky but Im sure it will go up. Just gotta give em time. ERROR!
  15. God bless america, what other country do they pass laws to parent your children for you. Yes american land of the fat and lazy. ERROR!