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  1. there are two differnt drivers for the orinoco gold the ones that come with std wont work with his model card. i believe
  2. ok thanks everyone heres the thing i dont know my subnet i dont have anysort of router. so im gonna try what elimist suggested once i pick up a serial cable. thank you for all the help eveyone
  3. i dont have a monitor at all to use...all i have is my laptop
  4. thats a good idea elimist it would be a pain in the ass but wth ill go for it. questionhow would get the ip of the box with no monitor?
  5. ok so i guess ill post my question here since i dont know where else to put it. i was wondering if theres away to use my laptop's built in lcd monitor with another pc. cause i got a computer that somebody gave to me but i dont have anysort of monitor cept for the one on my laptop... thanks
  6. id just use nero...ive never gotten anything to work with adaptec easy cd blah blah blah
  7. so whats the new news with this guy? he get a trial yet? is he out on bail?
  8. the best story gets $500 and everyone elses story that makes the final print gets $200
  9. im outta the loop on this one
  10. it may work but can you connect with it and get online? edit: i was able to get on dial up with penggy. havent made it with the cable modem...ima gonna go rtfm now
  11. i believe he is currently living with his parents whom are providing the bandwidth.
  12. dude do a google search for english docs about it
  13. depends on the op... ive tried it before some will connect you even though the tones dont register some will tell you to try again later or something like that
  14. aight so im tired as hell so sorry if none of this makes sense... ok heres my dilemma. i need some info bout wireless networking and jus plain ole networking under linux. like how i log onto a network, how i assign my self a fixed IP, if i have the proper WEP key how do i use it to get on my netowork, and whatnots... thanks dudes. im sorry i dont have time to search for this my self but ive been going to work from about 7:00 am to 10:00 pm for the past couple of weeks so thanks very very much guys. :jigga4: sorry but i felt i needed a jigga monke y:)
  15. why not just get the sam file and crack it? then login as admin... seems much easier