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  1. Im trying this on a small home router, its a cheap netgear router. You think setting up a dns server then setting A records to the specific sites i need it to redirect would work?
  2. Im looking to hand out and take over the A records on some site DNS's. If the DNS ip was added to a router as a primary, it would just switch out whatever the dns server has. For example, google.com has IP DNS server would redirect any queries to google.com to to anyone whose connected to that router.
  3. I've been looking for some exploits and ways to get into a unjailbroken iphone. I know theres a current cydia exploit that exists for metaploits, is there anyway to gain root access to a non jail broken iphone? Or would it be best to actually be within the lan network to do so? I've forward most major ports to the iphone to hopefully see if theres an exploit someone currently knows for iphone.
  4. What im trying to accomplish is switch out a DNS server on a router, since it has a primary and secondary, is it possible to put your ip in there and have it get dns queries from your computer using ettercap's dns spoofing or so?