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  1. Hello, I'm wanting to learn more about hardware engineering, controllers, design, basics. I know a little but I've decided it's not enough. If anyone could recommend me a good book I'd be grateful. My ultimate end goal project out of all this is building a computer from scratch, totally. Planning on using a z80 processor as they are relatively 'simple' to work with from what I've read.
  2. I love knoppix....dont you dare say thats its used by skiddies! (try's to make an intimidating grrrrrr, but ends up spluttering for a complete 114 seconds!) Quoted the wrong person there buddy. Although now that you mention it the people that say "HAXING" are either 14 or skiddies, usually both.
  3. HAXING! but yeah Backtracks old. There's also Auditor (older than backtrack), Helix (hard drive recovery), PHLAK, Whax, L.A.S Linux, Knoppix-std, F.I.R.E, etc, etc
  4. WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES? I assume you've never heard of CoS members hounding, stalking, and killing people who wish to leave the church. Which leads to my question. WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?
  5. hate to break it to you but unless you pay top dollar for a business account your not really getting 100mbps, that's just how fast it CAN go, your ISP will limit you to save bandwidth. Also if you are (for instance) behind a 10mbps hub but using a 100mbps card, you wont get the full speed of your NIC card. You are only as fast as your slowest component.
  6. Yeah in a case like that it's all about mac spoofing. Of course if someone is actively watching the network they can find it
  7. Your the one that said infowars not me. Remember that. I said I dont trust main stream media because HEY GUESS THE FUCK WHAT? TIME WARNER OWNS CNN, AND GE OWNS NBC I've come to the conclusion that I'm actually really fucking sane, and people who trust every fucking thing the government shits out like it's fucking god himself. You are the crazy people; but to you my sanity looks irrational. If Hilary was in office it would become a police state, she would become BigSister. Giuliani is the biggest fucking piece of shit next to Huckabee. Guess what dick? Lots of people in America survived 9/11. He was in a fucking bunker. Huckabee is a just like Bush in every way. Of course fox won't let Paul on the air. News Corp wont let them. Oh who's News Corp you ask? Why the parent company for Fox News of course and according to the wiki page on them "is the world's largest media conglomerate company by market capitalization" Guess what? That's a form of Fascism. Where a central body (lets say Time Warner, I mean look at what all they own and their primary goal is to get more money from you. (Putting something as the guiding principle as the highest priority over personal or individual freedoms) Look at the rise of police brutality and tasering (the tasering of a crippled woman comes to mind) While I'm on the subject of police brutality let me tell my own story. A week ago my friends car got broken into. Both of us had our laptops in there but thankfully they were still there. A cop drove by at that instant so I chased after him waving my arms and shouting for him to stop. He finally did stop and pulled a gun on me. Not a fucking taser, nor pepper spray. Lethal force, He proceeded to insult my intelligence and my mother then finally let me tell him about my friends situation. Now if he shot me he would have said I was a dangerous man, crazy if you will. He would have killed me in cold blood "protecting himself" when non lethal force should have been used. The police chief would have stood behind his choice while my grieving parents sue for excessive force; and lost. Police are nothing more than shock troops now. Know the worst part? Seeing the corruption and cancer in the government but no one else fucking cares. These people control your lives more than you know. Of course I'm just crazy right? I'm just a wackjob that should leave this country right? I'm more patriotic than most people, because I care more than most people so. See my username? My avatar? Common themes in this modern world right? Surveillance and such.
  8. Generic but should provide a starting ground
  9. I've done it to my Compaq Presario 2200 Seriously check out and find the Hardware Compatibility List for the version of OS X you are going to use. I've got 10.4.6 running on my laptop still All you have to remember is to format the drive using the OS X disk util. My laptop lacks SSE2 and it can still install but I do miss out on some things, Most notably when I had OOo on it I could type a paragraph, leave and when I came back it would still be outputting the first line. It was that slow. Good luck and check out
  10. It's ABC, mainstream media bullshit. I refuse to believe anything on there and thus this thread is invalid in my eyes. "The only crazy belief is that there was no conspiracy." -DrLZRDMN
  11. It's ABC, mainstream media bullshit. I refuse to believe anything on there and thus this thread is invalid in my eyes.
  13. set up the server yourself. Computer with SSH access and encrypt the data on the drive, your set.
  14. Ron Paul </thread>
  15. Not the OP's network, I hope once he gets out of high school he learns not to stir shit. Arrogant NetAdmins are common, hell I work with one, and I'm pretty sure I could show him up on somethings, does that mean I'm going to 'hack his box LOL'? No, I don't want to stir shit and keep my job
  16. With NTFS? No, only live CD I, personally, know of with NTFS installed already is Helix. That's a drive auditor distro, kind of like Backtrack. EDIT: Seems Knoppix 5.1 has it.
  17. That's good to hear. I get so tired of people installing it, using it less than a week and switching back because "they cant understand it"
  18. Have you used Safari 3 on a mac? It is very nice, even runs better than Firefox. Better question to ask would be "Have you used a Mac?"
  19. Ubuntu. Because of hardware support, fixes, available content on the net. As for NTFS, i'm pretty sure that will have to be compiled in due to it (ntfs) being a microsoft filesystem (same reason why ubuntu doesn't have MP3 codecs) Didnt really say what kind of wireless so I'm going to assume intel
  20. It's easy to set up dual booting in linux (with ubuntu epically) now. Get the live CD, boot it, Click install, partition some free space from your windows install to allocate to linux, when it asks allow it to install GRUB. when it says reboot, reboot. Pull the CD and select Ubuntu. More info (not much but a little) can be found here Dual booting Ubutntu and XP is mindlessly easy. A trained monkey could do it.
  21. I will be trying this when I get off work. Sounds like a lot of fun
  22. I plan on getting one and a 8 gig SD card. McGrewSecurity, it has an SD card reader built in, what I plan on doing to ensure the drive survives (I've worried about the SSD as well) is to write everything I do to the 8 gig SD card. I plan on getting one and a 8 gig SD card. McGrewSecurity, it has an SD card reader built in, what I plan on doing to ensure the drive survives (I've worried about the SSD as well) is to write everything I do to the 8 gig SD card.
  23. I hated it. If you want something better try a game called BSHacker
  24. Linux doesnt use drivers. ndiswrapper is something to allow you to FORCE propriety drivers on free software. And I will disagree with every point you have made as to why you should install a live cd, even if slax gets an updater. I see no reason why you can't install ubuntu and install the software you need, kismet, nessus, nmap, tcpdump, etc. That's what I've done to everyone of my computers. No need to install a live CD for those apps.
  25. You will get a lot more than that, and if someone is new at linux such as he is then he wont know what to look for. Never forget, grep is your friend lspci -v | grep Broadcom. Also there's no point to installing BT2, or any other live CD. Either carry around the modules (they aren't drivers, they are kernel modules. Big difference, drivers sit above the kernel, while modules become part of the kernel). OR you could simply run BT2 in a VM, recompile the kernel with the modules installed, and generate a new ISO from that. There's no point to installing a live CD. If you are going to install linux install a real distro. One that 1) Gets updates 2) Doesnt have the bloat that a Live CD will. Are you going to use all those security tools? 3) More secure. Remember kiddies, security tools, can create security holes.