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  1. 714-761-9864 Payphone at Knott's Berry Farm, at the line for funnel cakes next to Boomerang. It rings softly, but still very much audibly.
  2. This isn't all that clever, but I liked it. The idea is that you can combine some free services so you can listen to your music on when you aren't at home. First, get a Phonehog card and put some minutes on it. Then, sign up for one of those free reservationless conference calls, using FreeGoConference. Then, download/install/fireup Skype and Winamp. Dial into the conference with Skype, and (this is on a Windows box, I don't know what you'd do on other OSes) change your input from Microphone to What U Hear by double clicking on the volume icon on the system tray, going to Options, Properties, Recording and hitting okay, then checking the appropriate box. Set Winamp to loop your music. To avoid paying long distance, or rather any charges at all, use your Phonehog card to connect to the conference. The conference call will only last 6 hours, but thats enough for a short trip away from home.
  3. From what I'm seeing there, it covers Boston, and one phone in Las Vegas. Thats not too extensive...
  4. Would it be feasable to use the Google Maps API to map out payphones? Lists of payphone numbers exist, the major problem would be getting decent coordinates for them all. But I bet if you got a community effort going, it could be done rather quickly. Then, if you know where your friends are at a given time, or where they're going to be, you could pull up the webpage, find a payphone that'll be nearby, and give them a ring. Very Matrix-like. Forgive the erratic nature of this post, I'm tired and stressed about a test tomorrow.
  5. Did anyone record it? I didn't get a chance to listen to it.
  6. I called, and some guy answered. He had an accent, so I couldn't quite make out what he said when I asked what I had reached. But there are people there. I called four times, twice I got that guy, the other two, silence.