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  1. All the audio is up on the site now, it went fantastic! Great talks from Jason Scott, Adrian Lamo, ic0n, ThoughtPhreaker and more! Check it out below.
  2. Yes, we should have a recording up in the next couple of days. It went awesome, btw. Thanks to all who called in, and for those that didn't, we hope to see you next year!
  3. ConfCon 2010 is occurring today at 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT. Sign-up is still available at, so feel free to register and join in. We have some great talks lined up so far, including talks from Jason Scott, Adrian Lamo, ic0n, and ThoughtPhreaker. More are still coming, so don't miss out on the greatness
  4. Weird. Kinda reminds me of Livengood. Is this on a cross-bar or what?
  5. Hey, quick update. Group/User Sign-up is now open on the site! So you can all sign up, get your conference number, and be ready. I also dropped the date on the Home page of the site of when it will take place. It's the Saturday after HOPE (July 24th) I expect you all to be there! EDIT: Oh yeah, and big, big ups to Seal for doing the ConfCon 2010 logo and favicon.ico. He did an amazing job on both and we really appreciate it! Much <3 man!
  6. Be there or be square.... (bitches) Also, speakers get a free cookie. Snickerdoodle. Home-made....
  7. Google Voice?
  8. Well, we've finally managed to get v1.5 of the site out the door, so I feel comfortable enough to post a link to it. This is my new site I've started with the help from a bunch of friends (some are even from BinRev) It's basically a site where we start, host, run and maintain projects of all kinds. We've got quite a few started, quite a few hosted and are starting more all the time. On the side, we run a blog meant to spark creativity and ingenuity. In the spirit of open source, the code for the site is posted (its linked at the bottom of every page as well as on the projects page) We do expect people to find bugs, vulnerabilities, coding errors, etc. etc. so if you do, please throw us an email (emails can be found on the contacts page) Feel free to use and abuse the code as you see fit, just make sure to give props to the coder (H4z3) and to the site (AntiLimit) I hope you guys enjoy the site and the projects we're hosting/running. Any and all feedback is welcome!
  9. This may seem like a minor detail, but... put the "Confcon" at the top of the circle at the year at the bottom. People generally read top-to-bottom, and the name is "Confcon 2009". So, if you switch them it will likely register faster when people see it. Already fixed Check the site for the updated one. It looks pretty slick, thanks again for the logo Seal!
  11. Yeah, I must say, I'm pretty excited. I can see good things coming from an open-source *nix-based OS from one of the biggest companies out there right now. And considering the amount of people that Chrome already has as a user-base, I think the OS will have potential. We'll just have to see..
  12. Killer logo, Seal, I love it man n3xg3n: We do plan to be recording it, probably having at least 2 people recording it, in case something happens to one. If at all possible, we ask that 1 or 2 of you try to record it, just in case something catastrophic happens and both of our recorders fail. We *do* want a recording of the entire conference. Thanks for all the support so far guys!
  13. We may work things like that out in the future. But for right now, I think we're gonna stick to this. If we get a lot of people wanting to do it over Skype, then I suppose we may. We just wanted to keep it off VoIP as much as possible, due to things like call quality, reliability and, well, just to help bring back the old school phreaking vibe. Like I said, things may change in the future though. We're certainly open to new ideas.
  14. Yeah, actually, thats a good point. If any of you guys have Skype or some other means of connecting to US numbers, by all means sign up on the site as a non-international member. That'll drop you a conf number and you can feel free to call in to that for confcon '09. Thanks for bringing that up, Seal. We are still trying to find a way to make dialing into this conf internationally easier. So stay tuned for updates! EDIT: Yeah, turns out I accidentally made an error in the date of the call. Its actually on the 25th. NOT the 23rd. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.
  15. Epic fuckin promo. Ends a bit abruptly, but awesome none-the-less I'd love to see a new Phreak Phactor though, I was just listening to some of the episodes, pretty awesome stuff. Why don't you guys do something like a call-in to a show like Off The Hook or Off The Wall? They usually take calls, so have a bunch of people call in and spread the good word about the new Phreak Phactor special Just have a couple guidelines for when people call. Give props to the show, keep it clean, keep it short, props to binrev and the DDP, and bonus points if you throw specific shouts to ntheory or something. A call-in would be fun and spread the word effectively. Anyway, I look forward to seeing a new episode.
  16. Word. Anybody lookin to participate, just sign-up on the site and you'll be assigned a conf number. We're currently working on getting support for international callers, and we might have something setup special for you UK dialers out there.
  17. Thanks. We do realize that there are lots of problems and issues, but we're doing everything in our power to make it run as smoothly as possible. We can't guarantee anything, but we have high hopes. We've already got some great talks lined up (I'll be posting a list to the site shortly) and we've got some cool groups backing us at this point (and we're still adding more) I'd love to see as many of you guys there as possible!
  18. We were hoping you would give it live. We're trying to get the real feeling of a convention, so a pre-recorded talk might... diminish the effect xD And yeah, we do plan to record the whole thing and post it to the site (and now that you mention it, We plan to host a full recording of the conf and with it broken into multiple pieces. Also, ThoughtPhreaker and I have come up with a couple ideas to minimize abuse, but we're hoping that everyone maintains a professional appearance on the conf. We know its a long stretch, but we have faith.
  19. Yeah, if there was any conference call to be at this year, its definitely this one. We already have a couple great talks in the works, and we're currently getting some phreaking groups behind us (not just US ones, we're currently trying to work out some things with a couple international groups) Its gonna be a great conf call, and I hope to see a lot of you there EDIT: Sorry if any of you guys tried to sign up and got an error. It should be fixed now. Sorry again!
  20. Yes, in some cases if the user leaves the option where the VMB won't require a pass-code when calling from that number, CID spoofing can be used to fool it into thinking you're dialing from that number, and it will let you in. I think RoadRunner got into some trouble over this a while back, because their voicemails were setup like that by default.
  21. I think Google Talk is more aimed to things like IM'ing, video conferencing and VoIP calls. Google Voice is geared towards the phone system and things like that. And I haven't had the chance to play with Google Voice much. I've had it for a while, ever since it was GC, but I just now moved it over to Google Voice. I'll have to look into it some more.
  22. Does 911 require a 'real' phone number (and so therefore all 911 centers have a backdoor)? I thought I remembered reading this somewhere but I don't know the mechanics behind it. Hmm... I would think so. I remember one time we called 911 to report an accident or something (was a long time ago, can't remember the exact reason) but we were just far enough out that they were like 'here, call this number instead, its the 911 district nearest to your location, they'll handle it' Gave us a 10-digit number that was a direct line to a 911 in the other area.
  23. inurl:mil filetype:pdf inurl:gov filetype:pdf :/ Couple easy google dorks and a couple pages of searching, and you'll probably find something somewhat interesting. The point is, if its on google, then quit worrying. If the feds bust down your door, they'll have a hard time actually doing anything. Might be a nice pain in the ass, but you think if they really take it to court and are like 'this guy googled us and found a powerpoint we had open to the public, but didn't mean to' they're gonna get anywhere?
  24. Thanks for the links, was kinda pissed when I saw he removed the files because it contained 'sensitive information' If they're on the web, than it can't be *that* sensitive. And if it is... well wtf, you're on a damn hacker forum :/ If its on the web, then who are you to judge the sensitivity of it?