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  1. Hey I know they were floating around awhile ago. Anyone have the numbers for accessing sprint voicemail?
  2. Hey guys, I'm leaving my current (dead-end) job doing misc IT-related things and running backups, to hop on and work for my friends CLEC/wISP full time. The salaries are comparable. What kind of future do you think CLECs and Fiber carriers will see? Is it a smart move to drop out of school to accept the position; I would be the only employee and would eventually graduate to a senior technical advisory position in the future.
  3. First and foremost, your motor is not designed to run nitro. You're fuel system is not set up for it. You'd need bigger injectors and upgraded lines. What a lot of performance cars run is methanol injection as opposed to running a leaded performance gas (like the 110 Octane I put in my car ;]) Your best bet is nitrous oxide injection. It works similar to what you're describing. You splice your fuel line and put a T-connector in there. You run the nitrous solenoids into your intake manifold, as well as the new 'fuel line' you've created. That way you don't run 'lean' (too much oxygen, not enough fuel) when you spray the car.
  4. Is a TOS agreement really 'legally binding'? This what I'm using on one of my sites; how will this hold up in the court of law?
  6. Does California throw your car on the dyno and put the detector in your exhaust; or do they just use the diagnostic port. Some cars, you can prevent the obd port from reporting codes with an eprom flash.
  7. I am more of a software guy, so please save me! I am rapid prototyping an exciting new project, that I will believe will prove to be extremely profitable and fun! Basically, it's a tiptronic shifting system and a rpm-based shifting system. A user can shift his automatic car (in this case, a 91-98 Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon) like a manual transmission via two buttons/paddles. Another mode allows the user to define a certain rpm that he would like the transmission to automatically shift for him; without any user interaction, the car would slam gears at redline. Both are extremely cool features. The manual-shift will auto utilize a launch-control mode, allowing the user to enter neutral, rev the car up, and dump into the lowest possible gear. Here's my layout: ECU rpm (rev per minute) 0-5v ------------ Arduino analog pin 1 ECU vss (vehicle speed sensor) 0-5v ------------ Arduino analog pin 2 Transmission Valve 1 0/12v -------- RELAY 1 > 12v Battery line Transmission Valve 2 0/12v -------- RELAY 2 > 12v Battery line Transmission Valve 3 0/12v -------- RELAY 3 > 12v Battery line Transmission Valve 4 0/12v -------- RELAY 4 > 12v Battery line RELAY 1 'activator' voltage -------- Arduino output pin 1 3-5v RELAY 2 'activator' voltage -------- Arduino output pin 2 3-5v RELAY 3 'activator' voltage -------- Arduino output pin 3 3-5v RELAY 4 'activator' voltage -------- Arduino output pin 4 3-5v I am looking for a solid state relay that can be 'triggered' by 3-5v and then allow 12v to flow from the battery to the valve. So all you electronics hobbyists, where can I find these? how much are they? Thanks much, Joe
  8. Computers: mine - joesbox family computer - mainbox home theater computer - mediabox my laptop - laptop father's pc - freudenricker
  9. Not to back pedal, but after some googling, a optoisolator would rock. Switching a valve on would be a matter of: digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); is somewhat helpful, but I'm still unsure as to what else needs to be inline with that optoisolator
  10. as for the hard/soft shift you will probably want to do that by declaring the current/voltage as a variablebecause then you could use 1 button to change the current or voltage. as if you did it with hardware you could use regulators to set voltage but then you would need 4 regulators. or you could use resistors and would need 4 switches to switch all 4 of them hard/med/soft. What about a potentiometer? I would like the software to be 'aware of everything'. I'd like it to 'know' that it's shifting hard, and even maybe able to display it on an lcd.
  11. Also, I wouldn't want there to be a delay when manually shifting either.
  12. You can actually control how hard the clutch pack engages by varying voltage to a line. I'm thinking of using 3-way dip switches for the user to control how hard the shifts are (hard, medium, soft), and looking into a way to output variable voltage to that line; something similar to a relay, but with variable voltage.
  13. It would take to long to piggy-back relay it. Speed is a must. Remeber, this is for a racing application. Redline shifts are perfect, but the rpm should be user-configurable in that mode.
  14. I downloaded the Eagle demo a few days ago, and have yet to install it. I'm looking forward to playing around with it and designing some boards.
  15. Your post is probably the most insightful one i've seen in a very long time. I'm going to try to snag that book, or some other print-material to read at night before I snooze. I just wish life would allow me some spare time to learn this like the back of my hand before producing a product; though in my previous life experiences, nothing is as insightful as diving right in and fiddling around! I found a relay schematic, on the Arduino site (; though I'd have problems sourcing those parts, and I'd still be unsure as to which relay to use. I'd have to agree that an opto-isolator sounds like the way to go, but made me think of a horrible situation: Let's say 1st gear requires voltage on valves 1 and 2 2nd on 1 and 3 3rd on 2 and 3 4th on 3 and 4 What if the opto-isolator blows and valve 1 is engaged, now the car shifts to 4th also enabling valves 3 and 4? Some type of mechanism should cause the device to release all valves if it detects failure. On other feature I forgot to incorporate would be a 'pass through mode', basically another 4 relays that allow the stock connections to the valves to be put back through to the stock AT computer. If you're willing/interested in drafting a schematic and sourcing the parts; I'd be more than willing to compensate you! Let me what you'd like. Thanks much in advance, Joe
  16. How much would you guys want to just design the circuit for me and source the parts? As much as I desire to, I'm having trouble picking this up.
  17. You completely lost me. I've tried to research as much as possible, but again, I'm a lost software guy in this hardware world; and it's really a limiting factor. I wiki'd transistor, but I'm not sure why it would be required off the Arduino. Doesn't the Arduino output 5v from the pins? And what's this of a Darlington transistor array? Sorry to completely drain your time, but google and wiki just having some trouble explaining all of this to me.
  18. I just wanted to say: Killer first post man. Welcome to the board. Usually it's: 'how do I hack teh myspace!!11?'
  19. Uhhh I don't think the microwave towers my company uses can withstand nuclear blasts...
  20. Hey guys, I've obviously been absent from BinRev for a while, but with good reason. I started working at my friend's wISP. The really cool news is, well, we're officially a CLEC now! We are entering the final stages of our 2000+ page ICA with AT&T. We'll have a brand new Nortel switch sitting in our brand new state of the art center and office. We're two blocks from the AT&T CO and will have a rack and fiber directly in, as well as 2.5gigs of fiber transport from our location to one of, if not *the* nation's largest fiber hub. So I ask you. What exactly do you want to see out of your internet provider or telephone company? What features or functionallity are essential and appealing? What things don't you like or would change? What kind of packages would you like to see available? Obviously world-wide unlimited calling for $1 a month would be great, however, I encourage you to contribute REALISTIC ideas and creative concepts that stand a chance of being considered. I would *highly* encourage you to post any thoughts, being one of three employees really gives the opportunity to actually implement your feedback. So, post, post, post! -Joe
  21. The federal government requires all ISPs over a certain size to have a connection to some of their equipment. Should they issue a court order, all traffic is to be mirrored down that line. Done Talk to your government about this one. Done Done, I can offer you a tier 3 top-level cisco tech position at $6.50 an hour. ;-)
  22. Direct from a Verizon Cell phone in Chicago: *SIT* We're sorry, it is not necessary to dial a carrier access code for the number you have dialed. Please hang up and dial your call again Direct from an AT&T business land line in Chicago: (messy with noise and message playing echo'd in background.) *SIT* We're sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached with the carrier access code you dialed, please check the code and try again or call your carrier for assistance. (shouting) 13201
  23. I'm not sure if IPv6 is worthwhile, it'd cause a bit of a headache to get going. I'm not sure the demand is really there yet.
  24. We do not currently block hosting from home. What would be the benefit of short IP lease times? ISPs are still required to track all leases. If a provider is slammed with a court order, they are required to hand over information on who had what address at what time. Therefore, I would personally prefer long leases, as I could host things and refer to them statically. ATTB used to give you an IP address, and you'd have that sucker for at least 6 months.
  25. Welcome, you wanna do a lunch some time?