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  1. hello im having problems with my HL-DT-S RW/DVD GCC-4481B drive not wanting to read any cds or DVDs im pretty sure that the correct drivers are installed i use my recover DVD to fix my computer before but now that the drive doesnt work i can recover :blowfuse:
  2. at my school they have it set up a fucked up way i hate bess and Novell but use LINUX if you have to demo-center google it. also if try googleing hotmail at school :borg:
  3. Limewire on PSP now thats interesting :} Add a some war driveing for wireless internet to download stuff :devil:
  4. do u mean ping my self ?
  5. hello! kool site
  6. Hello i dont know much about nmap but www.irongeek.com has some interesting stuff on nmap check his site out.
  7. i was trying to burn a CD version the one from knoppix .com
  8. Hello I have been trying to make a Live Linux CD I use nero I wanted to make a knoppix CD and I dont know if its because I am using CD-R's instead of Blank DVD to make the Live CD :cry:
  9. thanks I was wondering if someone was stealing my internet. but the internet gateway comes up and disapears all the time why is this?
  10. I have a question im on a little network of 3 and we use a router and i was wondering why there is a thing coming up called Internet Gateway and it shows 8Mbps of internet going some where and im want to know why it keeps coming up and why when i disable it i get no internet connectivity?